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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

William Scudder Stryker, John Clarke Sims, Henry Schenck Harris, William Pancoast Barber, William Wilmot Ballard, Paul A. Hendry, Luther F. Halsey.

Delegates to the General Society

Clifford Stanley Sims, Henry Schenck Harris, Samuel Moore Shute, William Chetwood Spencer, William Scudder Stryker.


John Clarke Sims, John Lambert Cadwalader, T. Matlack Cheesman, Frank Landon Humphreys, Frederick Wolcott Jackson.

Hereditary Members

The following applications for admission to hereditary membership have been presented.

Ira Abraham Stout, of Nashville, Tenn., grandson of Brevet Captain Abraham Stout, who was an original member.

Hughes Dayton, of New York City, great great grandson of Brigadier General Elias Dayton, who was an original member.

William Edward Lloyd, of Freehold, N. J., grandnephew of Brevet Major Richard Lloyd, who was an original member.

Alexander McWhorter Cumming, of Elizabeth, N. J., great grandson of Lieutenant Colonel Commandant, John Noble Cumming, who was an original member. They were admitted.

The following applications for admission to Hereditary Membership were presented.

Charles Hornblower Woodruff, of New York City, great grand nephew of Major Ichabod Burnet, who was an original member of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Georgia and whose membership since 1791 has been represented in this Society.

Charles Bradley, of Newark, N. J., great grandnephew of the aforesaid Major Ichabod Burnet.

The Committee having carefully examined these rival claims of two collateral heirs of the original member named, and having found that the said collateral heirs are equally related to such original member, and having also found that the said Charles Hornblower Woodruff is the choice of several of the other heirs, recommend that he be duly admitted to Hereditary membership. He was admitted.

Honorary Members

The rules being suspended the following gentlemen were elected Honorary Members:

The Hon. Mercer Beasley, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

The Hon. William Potter, late Minister to Italy.


The Standing Committee report that they have examined the accounts of the Trustees and find that the amount of the assets of the Society July 1, 1895, is

of which there belongs to the income account 425.93
Leaving a balance to capital account of $23,966.91
The Treasurer’s account has been audited and found correct. His receipts from all sources for the year have been $1,448.19
Disbursements 1,171.69
Leaving a balance of $276.50
which with the amount in the Trustees’ hands, belonging to the income account 425.93
makes an available income July 4, 1895, of $702.43


Your Standing Committee recommend that the Society appropriate the sum of $50 to Miss Elizabeth Barber. Recommendation adopted.


The Society of the Cincinnati, in the State of New Jersey, met this day at the Elberon Hotel. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Chaplain, Revd. Samuel Moore Shute, D.D.

The Standing Committee would call attention to the death of Robert Stockton Green, Ex-Governor of the State of New Jersey, Vice-Chancellor and Judge of the Court of Errors and Appeals, and an Honorary Member of this Society who died at Elizabeth, New Jersey, October 21st, 1894.

The President was authorized to appoint a Committee of Arrangements for the ensuing meeting, February 22, 1896, and the summer meeting of July 4th, 1896.

On motion, the President was authorized to dispose of the “Eagle” in his possession to Reverend Doctor Frank Landon Humphrey upon the payment of $20.

The Society took a recess to allow the members to partake of the annual dinner after which the gentlemen responded to the several toasts proposed.

On motion, the Society adjourned to meet February 22d, 1896.