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President’s Welcoming Message

Benjamin C. Frick
36th President of the New Jersey Society 2017-

36th President of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati
In office
2017 —

Preceded by John William Gareis, MD

This website was created to provide an overview of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati to its members as well as the interested public.

The Society was formed at a meeting of New Jersey Continental Army officers on June 11, 1783. They were convened to consider subscribing to the Institution of the Society of the Cincinnati, drafted at Newburgh, N.Y., on May 13, at the end of the War of Independence, by Continental officers wanting to “perpetuate [..] as well the remembrance of this vast event, as the mutual friendships which have been formed under the pressure of common danger, and, in many instances, cemented by the blood of the parties.” The provisions of the Institution called for the establishment of state societies, consisting of all the members resident in each state, with officers to be chosen annually. All original members agreed to subscribe one month’s pay to their state society’s coffers, which funds were to be used for “substantial acts of beneficence, according to the ability of the Society, towards those officers and their families, who unfortunately may be under the necessity of receiving it.” Today there are still 13 constituent societies in the United States and one other in France, the Société des Cincinnati de France.

At their meetings each spring and fall the members of the New Jersey Society commemorate the sacrifice and dedication of those New Jersey officers who fought to make America independent by offering a silent toast to George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental forces, first President of the United States and first President of the General Society of the Cincinnati. In addition, members of the New Jersey Society contribute to the work of the General Society through service on committees as well as financial support. Ours is a distinguished legacy and we are all proud to maintain and perpetuate it.

The rules of our society state that only one member can be the hereditary representative of a propositus, meaning an officer who served in the Continental Army or Navy. (However, the rules do permit a related successor member, a related life member with no right of succession, and a certain number of honorary members.) Not all New Jersey propositi are represented today: a list of the unrepresented ones will be found under the Membership tab.

Ours is a private membership organization. We welcome the interest of the public and are happy to tell our story; but only members and their invited guests may attend or participate in the Society’s activities.

If you have any questions about the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati, please contact the Secretary, John Shannon, at:

Benjamin C. Frick, President
New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati