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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

The Society of the Cincinnati, in the State of New Jersey, met this day at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, N. J., instead of Jersey City, this being the adjourned meeting of July 4th, 1894.

In the absence of the Chaplain, the meeting was opened with prayer by the Rev. Doctor Humphreys.

The Standing Committee have to announce the deaths of the following members as having occurred since the date of the last meeting, namely:

William Lloyd, an Hereditary member, died 22d September, 1894.

Joseph Dorset Bedle, an Honorary member, died 21st October, 1894.

Leon Abbett, an Honorary member, died 4th December, 1894.

Richard Stockton Cumming, died 18th January, 1895.

The Rev. Dr. Frank Landon Humphreys was selected as an alternate delegate to the General Society.

On motion, the following resolution offered by Mr. Belknap was adopted with reference to a new Society now forming in New York City, calling themselves, “Daughters of the Cincinnati”:

Resolved, that the Standing Executive Committee of the Cincinnati be and it is hereby requested to take such steps as will prevent the use of the name of this order in any way not contemplated by the founders thereof.

And be it further Resolved, that the Society of Women incorporated in the City of New York on December 27th, 1894, under the laws of the State of New York by the name and title of the Daughters of the Cincinnati, is an instance of the unauthorized appropriation of the name of this Society.

And be it further Resolved, that the Secretary be and he is hereby directed to transmit a duly certified copy of the foregoing to the Secretary General of the Order of the Cincinnati.