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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Mr. William Lloyd, Mr. John Clarke Sims, Mr. William Ballard, Hon. Henry S. Harris, Mr. Wessel T. B. S. Imlay, General William S. Stryker, Dr. Luther F. Halsey.

Delegates to the General Society

Messrs. Clifford Stanley Sims, Rev. Samuel Moore Shute, D.D., Mr. William Bowen Buck, William Chetwood Spencer, William S. Stryker.


Messrs. John Clarke Sims, John L. Cadwalader, Joseph D. Bedle, Henry S. Harris, Edward B. Grubb.

By-Laws, Rules and Amendments

Resolved, that the President appoint a Committee to examine the present by-laws of the Society and report to the Society such amendments and supplements thereto as in their opinion may be advisable.

Hereditary Members

The following gentlemen made applications for membership in the Society:

John James Piatt; William E. D. Scott as representatives of Surgeon Moses Scott. New Jersey Continental Line; Henry F. Ogden as representative of Capt. Aaron Ogden, New Jersey Continental Line; Rev. Richard Lewis Howell as representative of Major Richard Howell, New Jersey Continental Line. They were admitted.

Under and subject to the provisions of Rule 2, Mr. Henry D. Maxwell as representative of Brigadier General Maxwell, New Jersey Continental Line. He was admitted.

The President stated that in the record of the case of William Scudder Stryker, who had been admitted to membership in 1888, as the collateral heir and representative of Captain John Stryker of the New Jersey State Troops, that subsequent investigations had shown that his great grand uncle, Col. Nathaniel Scudder of the New Jersey State Troops, of whom he was the representative, was entitled to representation in the Society, and asking that the record in regard to his admission to membership be amended so as to substitute as the propositus in his case the said Col. Nathaniel Scudder for the said Capt. John Stryker; that the Standing Committee upon examination of the same recommend that the said record be so amended as requested. On motion, this action was adopted.

The President stated that in 1884, Mr. James Sterling Hollinshead, of New York City, had been admitted to membership as the grandnephew and representative of Major John Hollinshead, an original member; that the applicant and all the members of his family had been sincere in the belief that the said Major John Hollinshead had never married, but that recent accidental discoveries, from original papers, had disclosed the marriage license and the record of the marriage of the said Major John Hollinshead to Hepsiba Thomas, and that such marriage was productive of three daughters, from the eldest of whom descends the rightful heir of the said Major John Hollinshead, in the person of Doctor Persifor Frazer, of Philadelphia. The President stated that a complete narrative of the case was to be found in the papers he presented to the Standing Committee, and he recommended that the same be placed on file, in order that upon a vacancy happening in the said membership the said Dr. Persifor Frazer might be duly admitted and upon motion such recommendation was adopted.

The President said that the Standing Committee had carefully considered the application of the Reverend Richard Lewis Howell, who claims admission as the great grandson of Major Richard Howell, an original member, and the Committee find that in 1872, Rear Admiral John Cumming Howell was admitted to membership as the grandson of the said Richard Howell, and that he died in 1892, leaving issue a daughter only; and the question being now raised, whether the succession passed to the issue of such daughter, the Committee call attention to the following, which is a parallel case.

Brevet Captain William Sandford Pennington, an original member died in 1826, and the following year his eldest surviving son, William Pennington applied for admission, when the Standing Committee reported that James Pennington, who was the eldest son of the said William Sandford had left a son, James Adolphus Pennington, a minor, then thirteen years of age, and the Society ruled that such grandson was the proper heir, and in 1836 he was admitted to the succession.

James Adolphus Pennington, died in 1858, leaving no male issue, and the following year the said William Pennington was admitted to the succession.

He died in 1862, and 1864 Adolphus Pennington Young, grandson of the the said James Adolphus Pennington, applied for admission, when the Society ruled that the succession was in the male line, as then represented by the eldest son of the said William Pennington, and in 1865, such eldest son, William Sandford Pennington, was admitted accordingly.

The Committee desires to place in their minutes the opinion that in cases where the male line of an original member exists that the succession is properly limited to such male line, but that when such male line is extinct and the succession has passed to the female line, or where there are no descendants of an original member, and the succession has thereby passed to the collateral line, that in both such cases the Society is vested with the right of choice among the several heirs in the female line, or as among the said collateral heirs, as the case may be, and such choice having been exercised, that the succession is then fixed in the line of the heir in the female line, or in the line of the collateral heir, so chosen.

Your Committee have received and examined the application of William Thomas, son of David Prevost Thomas, our late member, great grandnephew and representative of Brevet Capt. Edmund Disney Thomas, and recommend his election. He was admitted.

The application of Charles Hornblower Woodruff was received and laid on the table for further information.

Honorary Members

The Committee recommend the election of Mr. Edward R. Shubrick as an Honorary Member.

The President stated that he had received verbal application from Edward Rutledge Shubrick, of Camden, for admission to membership, and that he had learned upon inquiry that the applicant was eligible to admission in the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of South Carolina, as the grandson of Capt. Thomas Shubrick, who had been an original member of that Society, but that such Society could not under their rules admit to membership any but citizens of that State; that it was not possible under the rules of this Society to admit to membership any but applicants claiming by reason of descent from New Jersey officers, and that, therefore, as between the said rules, the applicant in this case had no standing before either Society.

The President further stated that Mr. Shubrick was a gentleman by birth and social standing; that he had in early life been an officer in the United States Navy; that he was the only son of the late Capt. Edward Rutledge Shubrick and the nephew of the late Rear Admiral William Branford Shubrick, of that service; and that in his opinion it might be proper that the Committee recommend him for election as an Honorary Member, as such course seemed the only one open under which his case could be treated; and upon motion such recommendation was adopted.

The rules being suspended by unanimous consent the following were elected: The Rev. Frank Landon Humphreys, D.D.; the Honorable Samuel Howell Grey, Frederick Frelinghuysen and Edward Meeker Wood.


The Standing Committee report that the deed of the property on which the Pulaski monument was placed was presented by the President and the bills of the monument Committee, $234.12, are recommended to the Society for payment. Recommendations adopted.

The Trustees made the following report of the present assets of the Society:

$4,000 West Jersey Railroad Company 6 per cent. Coupon Bonds, Market Value $4,120.00
$1,000 Susquehanna Coal Company 6 per cent. Coupon Bonds, Market Value 1,180.00
$2,000 Pennsylvania Equipment Trust 4 per cent. Certificate, Series A. and G., Market Value 2,000.00
$3,000 Elmira & Williamsport Railroad Company 5 per cent. Income Bond, Market Value 3,180.00
$5,000 Pittsburg, Cincinnati, St. Louis Ry. Co., 7 per cent. Registered Bonds, Market Value 5,800.00
$1,000 Allegheny Valley Railroad Company, Market Value 1,258.00
$1,000 United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company Capital stock Certificate for ten shares, M. V 2,315.00
$3,500 Pennsylvania Railroad Company Capital stock Certificates for 70 shares, Market Value 3,500.00
Cash on deposit belonging to Capital account $7.50
” ” ” ” ” Sinking Fund 309.41
” ” ” ” ” Income Account 371.05
Total Cash with accrued interest to July 1, 1894 687.96

The Treasurer presented his report, showing a balance in his hands of $235.44. His report was accepted.


It was Resolved, the the sum of $50 be donated to Miss Elizabeth Barber, and that the Treasurer pay the same.


The Society of the Cincinnati, in the State of New Jersey, met this day at the Monmouth House, Spring Lake, New Jersey.

In the afternoon of the previous day the Society, through its representatives, Clifford Stanley Sims and William Scudder Stryker, had dedicated a monument of granite with a bronze historical tablet, on the scene of the massacre of Pulaski’s troop at Egg Harbor a few miles south of Tuckerton, New Jersey.

The Society being called to order by the President, the meeting was opened with prayer by the Chaplain.

The deed of the property on which the Pulaski Monument was placed was presented by the President, and the bills of the Monument Committee, two hundred and thirty-four dollars and twelve cents ($234.12), are recommended to the Society for payment.

Your Committee state that the accounts of the late Treasurer, Mr. David P. Thomas, have been audited, found correct, and the balance turned over to the present Treasurer.

On motion, it was resolved, that the place of holding the next meeting of the Society be left to the discretion of the Committee of Arrangements, and that the adjourned winter meeting be held at Jersey City, if the Committee of Arrangements can make satisfactory arrangements therefor.

The President announced the death of the following members of the Society:

John Bear Piatt.
Hon. Frederick Beasley Ogden.
Hon. Charles Smith Scott.

On motion, it was resolved, that the Treasurer be and was instructed to pay the bills for the costs and expenses of erecting the Pulaski Monument.

The following resolution was offered by Mr. Spencer and adopted:

Resolved, that the President appoint a committee to examine the present By-Laws of the Society, and report to the Society such amendments and supplements thereto as in their opinions may be advisable.

The President appointed as this Committee, Messrs. Bedle, Harris and Spencer.

The President appointed as the Committee on Memorial Tablets for the ensuing year, Messrs. Stryker, Imlay and Harris.

A recess was then taken, dinner was served, and an address was read by Genl. William Scudder Stryker on “The Affair of Egg Harbor, New Jersey, October 15th, 1778.”

On motion, the paper was ordered to be printed by the Society.