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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

The Society was called to order by the President, and the Chaplain being absent, the roll was called.

The President announced the deaths of Mr. W. W. Thomas and David P. Thomas late Treasurer of the Society.

[From this point the minutes are made from the minutes compiled by General W. S. Stryker, President. W. T. B. S. Imlay, Secretary.]

Resolved, that the President be authorized to appoint a committee of three to select appropriate places and erect thereon suitable monuments commemorating the event happening at such place during the war of the Revolution, and that the same has been contributed by the Society of the Cincinnati, the expense not to exceed the amount appropriated therefor by the Trustees.

Mr. Imlay offered the following resolution which was adopted:

Resolved, that a committee be appointed to consist of the President, the Secretary and Adjutant General Stryker, to examine the minutes of the Society from its organization, to find what orations were delivered before the Society, to collect the same or copies thereof, and to have the same printed at the expense of such members as may desire to contribute.

The President announced that he had appointed the following committee in regard to the erection of monuments, etc.: Messrs. Imlay, Jackson and Stryker.