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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Colonel Alexander M. Cumming, Robert M. Boggs, William Lloyd, William C. DeHart, C. Stanley Sims, Francis Barber, Francis B. Ogden.

Delegates to the General Society

Hon. L. Q. C. Elmer, Rev. C. C. Beatty, D.D., Hon. John T. Nixon, Colonel Alex. M. Cumming, C. Stanley Sims.

Hereditary Members

Herman Burgin was unanimously elected to membership. He was the great grandson of Seth Bowen an original member.

Col. Cumming presented an application for membership on behalf of Peter D. Vroom, Jr., which was on motion of Mr. Sims referred to the Standing Committee in Special Session, who reported as follows:

As no written application has been received from Peter D. Vroom, Jr., son of Matilda Wall, and great grandson of Col. Jonathan Rhea, therefore, the Committee under the rules of the Society are unable to act.


The Standing Committee report that they have examined the certificate for the six per cent, loan of the United States for $14,000, the present fund of this Society, and find the same safe in the hands of the Treasurer.

That they have also examined the Treasurer’s annual account as rendered and find the same correct.

By this there is shown to be in the hands of the Treasurer the sum of $1,656.64 after allowing the following several disbursements made during the year, including investment, viz:

Cash paid cigars and crape $17.00
Cash paid C. S. Sims, Expenses Del. Gen’l. Society 19.25
Hon. L. Q. C. Elmer 25.00
Hon. J. T. Nixon 25.00
Attendance fee 22 members 220.00
Donations 385.00
Dinner at Trenton, July 4, 1872 291.00
Printing Rules, etc 10.00

Which report was approved.

The Treasurer announced the sum of $500. as remaining in his hands over and above the current expenditures, which was on motion ordered to be invested according to the rule.


Your Standing Committee recommend that the following persons receive $25.

Mrs. Rebecca T. Buck, the Misses Eleanor and Susan Lloyd (jointly), Mrs. E. C. Hay, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Scott, Mrs. E. F. Allen, Miss Amelia G. Dayton, Miss Julia Pennington, Mrs. C. Dunham, Miss Mary De Hart, Mrs. E. W. Lott, Mrs. Alice De Hart Ogden, Miss Sallie Dayton, Miss Elizabeth Barber, Miss Mary A. Thomas and Miss Eliza Reckless. Recommendations adopted.


The President announced to the Society the receipt of a letter written at the request of the Revd. C. C. Beatty, D.D., Vice-President, explaining his absence, he being detained by serious ill health.

The President then read from the Constitution of the Society the principles upon which it was founded and its objects.

The minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secretary and approved.

The death of our late member, Captain James Francis Armstrong, U. S. N., having been announced in feeling terms by the President, a Committee consisting of Hon. John T. Nixon, Col. Alex. M. Cumming and Edward R. Pennington was appointed to prepare and present to the Society for their action, suitable resolutions expressing regret and sympathy.

The Committee beg leave to offer the following resolution:

Resolved, that this Society has heard with profound sorrow of the death of their late fellow member, Captain James Francis Armstrong: that in his decease the Society has lost one of its most active and esteemed members, and that this minute and resolution be spread upon the minutes of the Society and a copy of the same forwarded to the widow and mother of the deceased.

Ordered, that the usual badge of mourning be worn for our deceased brother, Captain James Francis Armstrong.

The Secretary was authorized to purchase at his discretion a second volume for the recording of the minutes of the Society.

The Secretary read to the Society a Resolution adopted by the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of South Carolina, expressing their appreciation of the honor conferred upon their State by the election of their President, Hon. James Simons, to the Vice-Presidency General of the Order.

It was ordered that the next meeting of the Society be held on July 4th, 1874, at the Trenton House, New Jersey.