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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Mr. William Lloyd, Mr. John Clarke Sims, Mr. William Ballard, Hon. Henry S. Harris, Mr. Wessel T. B. S. Imlay, General William S. Stryker, Dr. Luther F. Halsey.

Delegates to the General Society

Messrs. Clifford Stanley Sims, Rev. Samuel Moore Shute, D.D., Mr. William Bowen Buck, William Chetwood Spencer, William S. Stryker.


Messrs. John Clarke Sims, John L. Cadwalader, Joseph D. Bedle, Henry S. Harris, Edward B. Grubb.

Hereditary Members

The Secretary reported that in pursuance of the resolution passed at the last annual meeting of the Society he had notified the gentlemen, who had heretofore applied for membership, under and subject to the provisions of Rule 2 of the Society, and who had failed to comply with the provisions of said rule, in regard to the payment of the amount fixed by said rule, as a condition precedent to membership, and that he had received no response or answer to said notices from any of said delinquents.

The Standing Committee have examined the following applications for membership, and recommend the same to the favorable consideration of the Society: Lewis Dunham Boggs, as representing Surgeon Lewis Dunham of the New Jersey Continental line, an original member. He was admitted.

Under provisions of Rule No. 2.

Alexander J. Cassatt as representing James Johnston, Ensign 5th Regt. Pennsylvania Line and Robert Lenox Belknap as representing Major David Lenox,* Continental Line. The Rules were suspended and they were admitted subject to their compliance with said rule.

Resolved, That whereas the President of this Society by correspondence with the President of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Pennsylvania is informed that the Society in that State has rescinded the rule putting in operation the General Society rules 1854 and 1856, this Society receive said applications and admit said applicants to membership under Rule No. 2.

That the Standing Committee had examined and considered the application for Hereditary Membership of Mr. Thomas Jefferson Bonnell as representative and grandson of Captain James Bonnell of the New Jersey Line, and would recommend the favorable action of the Society thereon. He was admitted.


The Treasurer made no report.

The Standing Committee report that it appears by the report of the auditing Committee appointed for that purpose that they have examined the accounts of the Trustees of this Society and report that the assets in their hands amount to the principal sum of $18,000, in addition to cash to the amount of $623.56.

That it appears by the annual report of the Trustees herewith submitted that the present market value of the securities constituting the assets of the Society amounts with cash on hand, to the sum of $21,743.95.


It was Resolved, that the sum of $50 be appropriated for donations to be divided pro rata between the following persons: Miss Julia A. Pennington and Miss Elizabeth Barber.


The Society having been called to order by the President, the meeting was opened with prayer by the Chaplain.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.

The President reported verbally that he had written some 234 letters, and had received about the same number of replies.

The Secretary further reported that in pursuance of the resolution passed at the adjourned meeting of the Society held on the 23rd day of February past General William S. Stryker had sent to Hon. Levi P. Morton, Vice-President of the United States and President of the Senate, and to Hon. Thomas B. Reed, speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States the following telegram:

Trenton, Feb. 23d, 1891.

The Society of the Cincinnati in session to-night for the purpose of commemorating the birthday of the immortal Washington, respectfully but earnestly urge upon the United States Senate the passage of the amendment to the bill appropriating the balance necessary to erect a monumental shaft on the site of the important battle fought in the Streets in this City during the Revolutionary War.

William Chetwood Spencer, Clifford Stanley Sims,
Secretary. President.

That said telegram was entered upon the minutes of both houses of Congress, and an appropriation of thirty thousand dollars had been made toward the erection of said monument, provided the citizens of the State of New Jersey should raise fifteen thousand dollars, and that the Secretary had been informed by General William S. Stryker that said last mentioned sum had been raised so that said appropriation had become operative and due.

On motion, it was resolved, that the above facts be entered at length on the minutes.

The Standing Committee announce the deaths of Major John Coddington Kenney, and John La Farge Bonnell.

The rules being suspended by unanimous consent on motion, it was resolved, that hereafter the sum required to be paid by applicants for admission to membership in this Society under the provision of Rule No. 2 be $500.

Resolved, that all bills against the Society shall be approved by the President before payment by the Treasurer.

On motion, it was resolved, that when this Society adjourn, it do so adjourn to meet at Trenton on the 26th day of December next, at an hour and place to be fixed by the President.

* Pennsylvania Continental Line. W. T. B. S. Imlay, Secretary.