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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Mr. William Lloyd, Mr. Francis Barber, Mr. Robert Morris Boggs, Hon. John Fitch, Mr. John Clarke Sims, Rear Admiral Charles Henry Baldwin, Mr. William Chetwood Spencer.

Delegates to the General Society

Colonel Clifford Stanley Sims, Mr. Francis Barber Ogden, Hon. John Thompson Nixon, Hon. John Fitch and Rev. Dr. William H. Hornblower.


William Bowen Buck, Hon. Joseph Griffiths Scott, Rear-Admiral Charles H. Baldwin, Hon. John L. Cadwalader, Colonel William Elmer Potter.

Hereditary Members

The following applications having been received by the Standing Committee and their admission recommended:

1. Paul Augustine Hendry, eldest son of Charles Fox Hendry by right of Capt. Samuel Hendry, an original member.

2. Reverend Doctor Samuel Moore Shute, eldest son of William Shute, by right of Brevet Captain Samuel Moore Shute, an original member.

3. Charles Clinton Beatty, great grandnephew of Captain Erkuries Beatty an original member, of whom by the death of the late Rev. Dr. Charles C. Beatty, there are now no lineal heirs. They were admitted.

4. Anthony Reckless, the grandson of Lieut. Anthony Reckless, an original member. The applicant is a younger son of Joseph Woodward Reckless, an Hereditary Member, his elder brother, Joseph D. Reckless, in the year 1849, declined in his favor and since that date the seat has been vacant, no application having been made therefore. Under these circumstances your Committee recommend his admission. He was admitted.

5. Within Rule 2, from Arthur Ryerson, grandson of Lieut. Thomas Ryerson, 2d Regt., N. J. Cont. Infantry. The proofs submitted show that the applicant is the eldest male heir and representative of the said Lieut. Thomas Ryerson, who it is satisfactorily established served as an officer for upwards of three years. In view of these facts the Committee would recommend this application to the favorable consideration of the Society. Rule suspended. He was admitted.

6. The Committee have also received an application under Rule 2, above referred to from Mr. William Belden claiming to be the great great grandson of Captain Ezekiel Belden, of the Connecticut line, an original member of the Society at one time existing in that State. It appears from the papers submitted in this case that the applicant is not the eldest male heir of the officer from whom he claims descent, the father of the applicant being a younger son of the grandson of Captain Ezekiel Belden above referred to, and the carrier of this applicant the son of the eldest son of the grandson of the officer on account of whose services the claim is based, being now living. As this claim is not founded on the descent of the applicant from an officer, who served in the New Jersey Line and more particularly as the applicant is not in any event the eldest male heir of the officer from whom he claims descent, this Committee recommend that the whole matter be placed in the hands of the Secretary for further particulars. Adopted.


The Trustees beg leave to report that the present assets of the Society amount to $15,687.76.

The cash surplus is deposited in the Guarantee Trust & Safe Deposit Co. of Philadelphia to the credit of the Society of the Cincinnati of New Jersey, the account to receive 2 per cent, on the daily balances.

The Standing Committee, respectfully report that the present permanent fund of the Society consists of $3,000 W. Jersey R. R. Co.’s 6 per cent. Bonds, $1,000 Pemberton and Hightstown R. R. Co.’s 7 per cent. Bond, $10,000 Penn. Car Trust 5 per cent. Certificates, $1,077.76 temporarily invested at 2 per cent. The whole representing a market value of $15,687.76. That they have examined the accounts of the past year as rendered by the Treasurer and find the same correct. By this there is shown to be in his hands the sum of $701.09, after allowing the following disbursements made during the year.

Donations $225.00
Dinner 209.40
Sundry Expenses 30.25


Your Standing Committee recommend that the sum of $20 be appropriated to the following persons, viz: Mrs. E. F. Allen, Miss Julia Pennington, Mrs. John Buck, Miss Mary Gumming, Misses Lloyd, Mrs. C. A. Dunham, Miss M. DeHart, Miss Sally Dayton, and Miss Elizabeth Barber. Recommendations adopted.


The meeting being called to order at 11.50 A.M., the Hon. John Thompson Nixon was appointed Temporary Chairman.

Prayer was then made by the Rev. Doctor Samuel Moore Shute.

Upon motion the rules of the Society were suspended so as to go into the election of officers of the Society as the first business.

The minutes of the previous meeting were then read and approved.

The Secretary made a verbal report of the communications received and made by him since the last meeting.

During the year past the following deaths have occurred.

The Hon. Lucius Quintius Cincinnatus Elmer, our President, breathed his last on the 11th of March at the patriarchal age of ninety years. By the invitation of the Standing Committee, Honorary member, Col. William E. Potter, will deliver a short sketch of the life and services of our departed brother.

Be it Resolved, that the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey desire to place on record their sentiments of esteem and regard for their late venerable President, the Honorable Lucius Quintius Cincinnatus Elmer, LL.D. Full of years and well earned honors he has passed to his rest. The son of a Revolutionary officer, one of the original members of our Society, he inherited in a remarkable degree that exalted love of liberty which characterized the founders of our republic, and made the name of Cincinnati peculiarly appropriate to our ancestors. In the various concerns of a long and active life he acted well his part and was rewarded by many distinguished marks of the approval of his fellow citizens. His memory is praised of all, and especially will remain green in the affections of his brethren of the Cincinnati. Resolved, that the Secretary be instructed to forward a copy of this minute to the family of our deceased brother, and to respectfully assure them of our most sincere sympathy.

The Committee recommend the passage of the following resolution:

Be it Resolved, that the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey feel that in the death of our venerable Vice-President, the Rev. Charles Clinton Beatty, D.D., LL.D., the Society has lost one of its most enthusiastic supporters, as indeed in fact its oldest living member, that we recall with brotherly pride his affection for the Order and the warm interest he took in its concerns. We remember that although living at a distance, his attendance was regular even at an advanced age, and that for some time when blind from an affection of the eyes he was not absent from our councils, albeit, he had to be led to them by the hand. Yet, while animated with sentiments of respect and fraternal regard for his memory, we feel no long or elaborate eulogy would be in place or meet the approval of our brother could his wishes be consulted. Therefore, of him let it be briefly recorded in the words of the Apostle Paul, that he “after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell on sleep, and was laid unto his fathers.”

Resolved, that the Secretary be instructed to forward a copy of the minute to the family of our deceased brother, and to respectfully assure them of our most sincere sympathy.

The Standing Committee recommend the passage of the following resolution:

Be it Resolved, that the Secretary be instructed to convey to the family of our late venerable brother, Mr. William Shute, the expression of our sentiments of regret and sorrow at the announcement of his death, and the assurance of our most sincere sympathy.

The Committee in announcing the serious illness of Chaplain, the Rev. Wm. H. Hornblower, are at the same time pleased to add that he is now on the road to recovery. They suggest the passage of the following resolution: The Cincinnati of New Jersey regret to miss from their midst their esteemed brother member, Chaplain, the Rev. Dr. Wm. H. Hornblower, they send him their friendly greetings, with their sincere hopes for his speedy recovery.

The Committee desire to call attention to the fact that the Secretary has collected a large amount of data relating to the members of the Society with a view of the printing at some future time of another book containing the Institution, By-Laws, list of members, etc., of the Society; they would request that the members furnish the Society with such information as may assist him in this direction, and they also recommend the adoption of the following resolution: Resolved, that the sum of $25 be paid to the Secretary in reimbursement of sundry extraordinary expenses incurred by him in the collection of data above described.

The Committee also recommend that from and after the 4th July, 1884, the Treasurer be authorized to pay the sum of $2.50 mileage to each member in attendance.

The Committee recommend the adoption of the following resolution: That the members be requested to furnish the Secretary with such genealogical information concerning their families as will enable the Society in case of the death of members to determine who is the proper heir to succeed to the vacant membership, and also who is in the member’s opinion the fittest person to so succeed.

The report on the case of Mr. William Belden, referring same to the Secretary was adopted.

Dr. Burgin (the Treasurer), who was appointed in 1882 a Committee of one to confer with the other State Societies in reference to Centennial observances, reported unfavorably, which report was accepted and Committee discharged. Colonel William Elmer Potter, by invitation of the Standing Committee, then delivered an eloquent oration on the life, character and services of Judge Lucius Quintius Cincinnatus Elmer, late President of the Society.

General Oliphant moved the thanks of the Society to Col. Potter for his oration, and that Col. Potter be requested to furnish a copy for publication, which was adopted.

Whereas, the Society has invited the General Society to hold its next Triennial Meeting in this City, and as the delegates to the same will be entertained as our guests, it is evident that considerable expenses will be entailed, and this being an extraordinary event, it becomes necessary that this Society authorize its Treasurer to pay out monies for this object; therefore, be it resolved.

That the Trustees be hereby authorized to pay the Treasurer any necessary amounts to cover the expenses of entertaining the General Society, and also that the Treasurer be authorized to pay out such amounts as may be approved and passed by the Committee of Arrangements.

The following members were appointed a Committee of Arrangements for the entertainment of the General Society.

Messrs. Buck, Pennington, John Sims, Jr., Dr. Burgin and General Stryker, and as a Committee of Arrangements for the next annual meeting of the Society.