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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

W. W. Ballard, P. A. Hendry, H. D. Maxwell, W. P. Barber, F. W. Jackson, H. A. Wilson, T. M. Cheesman.

Delegates to the General Society

F. D. Howell, W. T. B. S. Imlay, F. L. Humphreys, J. W. S. Campbell, T. M. Cheesman.


John L. Cadwalader, Charles H. Woodruff, P. A. Hendry, Hughes Dayton, Henry D. Maxwell.

Hereditary Members

The Standing Committee recommend that Mr. Francis McGee be admitted as the representative of Deputy Muster Master Joseph Clark.

That Mr. Harry Reeve Stockton be admitted as the representative of Ensign Robert Hamilton.

That when Mr. Francis Lott Southack complies with the provisions of Rule 2, he be admitted as the representative of Lieut. Peter Lott.

That the name of Elias Boudinot be transferred from the list of Honorary Members to that of Hereditary Members.

That Mr. William Bradford Stockton Boudinot be admitted as the representative of Colonel Elias Boudinot.

The recommendations after being amended to read : Whereas, Col. and Com. Gen. Elias Boudinot, fulfilled all the requirements for membership in the Society of the Cincinnati as shown by the records of the Society, and whereas, his name has been, for some time carried upon the list of Honorary Members, therefore, be it.

Resolved, That as in the opinion of this Society the retention of the name of Elias Boudinot to the Honorary list was an error, his name be now transferred to the list of Hereditary members, where we believe It properly belongs. It was adopted.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted:

Whereas, Mr. Thaddeous Kosciusko Chutkowski has failed to comply with the Provision of Rule 2, in paying $500: therefore, be it resolved, that the action of the last annual meeting be reconsidered and his application for membership be rejected.

Honorary Members

Hon. John William Griggs was elected an Honorary Member of the Society notice having been given one year ago.

On motion, Rule or Section XIV of By-laws was suspended and the Honorable Franklin Murphy, Governor of the State of New Jersey, was elected an Honorary Member.


The Standing Committee have examined and audited the Treasurer’s accounts and find them correct.

Par Value of Securities $23,150.00
Market Value 30,405.00
Income $1,284
Receipts from all sources 1,158.40
Expenditures 1,119.61
Balance $38.79

Resolved, that the committee provided for in Section X of By-Laws be and is hereby authorized and empowered to withdraw any of the securities from the selected depository, upon their joint order in writing and to designate in such order any one or more of its members to receipt therefor, and that said committee be and is hereby further authorized and empowered to make such changes in the securities belonging to the Society as in their judgment shall be for the interest of the Society, to invest and reinvest the monies of the Society in reputable securities, reporting their action for approval and confirmation, at each annual meeting of the Society, and also present at such meeting a report of the income from the securities of the Society.

Resolved, that a certified copy of this resolution be filed with the designated depository provided for in Section XX, of the By-Laws, by the Secretary of this Society.


Resolved, that a donation of $50 be allowed Miss E. Barber and that $25 be allowed to Major J. H. Piatt.


The meeting was called to order by the President, and prayer was offered by the Chaplain.