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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

General J. Beatty, J. Giles, Colonel Ogden, Rhea, Major Ballard, Captain S. M. Shute, Sprowle.

Hereditary Members

Col. Abraham Kinney not having complied with the terms prescribed to him at our last meeting, it is resolved that he cannot be considered as a member of this Society.


The Standing Committee report that the Treasurer has now in his hands, in permanent six per cent, stock of the United States the sum of $10,000, producing a quarterly interest of $150. That he has paid out since the last meeting, the sum of $495.54 pursuant to resolutions entered into by the Society, and that the sum of $106.46 now remains in his hands unappropriated.

Resolved, That the Treasurer be authorized and requested in this case to reinvest the funds of this Society to the same amount, in such other stock of the United States as he in his discretion shall deem most advisable.


The Standing Committee recommend that the following sums be disbursed for charitable purposes, as soon as the funds arising from the interest only, will admit, viz:

That sixty dollars be paid by the Treasurer to Col. Stout. That sixty dollars be placed in the hands of Col. Rhea for Mrs. Howell and her children. That sixty dollars be placed in the hands of Genl. Giles for Mrs. Elmer and her children. That sixty dollars be placed in the hands of Genl. Elmer for Mrs. Brooks and her children. That forty dollars be also placed in the hands of Genl. Elmer to be applied to the education of the two youngest sons of the late Col. Buck. And that forty dollars be placed in the hands of Col. Rhea, to be applied in clothing for the use of Mr. Jacob Hyer. The recommendations were adopted.


Col. Thomas Henderson made application to the Society by Capt. Sprowle for the book containing a certificate of his membership and the constitution of the Society, etc. Whereupon the Society agreed to grant his request and directed the Secretary to transmit the book.

On motion Resolved, that no oration either in whole or in part, heretofore delivered, or which shall hereafter be delivered by any member of the Society shall be published without the order of the Society, nor even then without the consent of the member, if living, who shall have delivered such oration.

The Society walked in procession, together with the citizens and military, to the Presbyterian Church to attend the exercises appointed for the day, the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the delivery of an oration by Dr. Boudinot, who had been previously appointed to that duty. After the duties of the church were ended, the Society returned in the order of procession to the place of their meeting and proceeded to business. On motion Resolved, that the thanks of this Society be presented to Doctor Boudinot, the venerable and much-respected orator of the day, for his oration, and that he be requested to give a copy to be placed in the archives of the Society.

On motion Resolved, that the members of this Society who have by order of the Society pronounced Anniversary orations, be requested to deliver to the Secretary as soon as possible, fair copies of their several orations, to be deposited in the archives of the Society and that the Secretary furnish every member whom it may concern with an attested copy of this resolution.

The President made the following report:

Since the last meeting the subscriber has transmitted printed copies of the Bound Books of the Constitution and Register of this Society, agreeably to order to the President of the General Society of the Cincinnati, and to the Presidents of the State Societies of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and South Carolina, being the Societies known to be still existing, for the use of their existing Societies.

That copies of the said Constitution and Register of this Society have been delivered to the members of the State Society of the Cincinnati, resident in New Jersey, whose names are printed in pages 114, 115, 116, 117 and 118 of said book, except to Edmund D. Thomas, Almarine Brooks, John Hopper, John Doughty, Seth Bowen, Jabez Campfield, Ebenezer Stockton, Thomas Henderson and Joseph Burnet.

That the subscriber delivered a copy to Horatio G. Phillips, and transmitted a copy to Jacob Burnet, Esq., members of this Society, resident in the State of Ohio.

The Society requested the President to have one dozen copies of the printed Constitution and Register bound like those delivered and that copies be duly certified and delivered to Thomas Henderson, Jabez Campfield, Ebenezer Stockton, Almarine Brooks, Joseph Burnet, successor of Ichabod Burnet; Gilbert Barton, successor of William Barton; John Buck, successor of Joseph Buck, and David H. Brearley, successor of David Brearley. The name of the original member to be stamped on one of the covers of the respective copies.