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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Col. Aaron Ogden, Brigadier-Generals Doughty, Bloomfield, Cummings, White, Giles, Beatty, Captains Dayton and Elmer.

Delegates to the General Society

Col. Aaron Ogden, Brigadier-General Joseph Bloomfield, Brigadier-General John Beatty.

Hereditary Members

General Anthony W. White and Col. Samuel Hay, members of this Society, who have resided some time in the State of New York, at this time reside in the State of New Jersey, took their seats in this meeting.

William Lloyd, Esq., eldest brother of Maj. Richard Lloyd, deceased, having complied with the terms of the Resolution entered into at the last meeting took his seat.


The Standing Committee have examined the accounts of the Treasurer and find in his hands the sum of $3,496.56 of six per cent stock, of the United States in which sum is included $123.60, being the amount of a certain certificate issued the 7th day of April, 1796, purchased on that day by the Treasurer; $1,821.61 of three per cent, stock and $1,879.17 of the deferred debt of the United States. The Committee also find that the Treasurer has received, including the balance in his hands on the last report, the sum of $309.13, and hath paid $83.63 for the expense of the Society 4th of July, 1795, at Elizabeth Town; and for the purchase of the above certificate of $123.60, the sum of $109.02; and for contingent expenses on warrants of the President $18.96; and that there remains a balance in cash in the hands of the Treasurer of $104.72.


A letter from Mr. Elias Boudinot, a delegate to the last general meeting of the Society, was read. Resolved, that the reasons given for his non-attendance at this time were satisfactory.

Resolved unanimously, that the resolution of this Society entered into July 4th, 1793, which is in the following words, viz: “Resolved, that in future the members be recorded in the minutes, and called upon in the Society by their names with the appellation of Mr., any former rule to the contrary notwithstanding,” be rescinded.

Resolved unanimously, that the reasons given by the Revd. Mr. Armstrong and Brigadier Genl. Bloomfield for not delivering an oration this day were satisfactory.

Resolved, that Genl. Bloomfield, Mr. Armstrong and Major Cox be a committee to compare the laws of the Society with the alterations that have been made in them by subsequent resolutions and make them conformable thereto, and that one hundred copies of the By-Laws as amended with a correct list of the members of this Society be printed for the use of the members.

Resolved, that the Standing Committee do not admit any claim for the renewal of a diploma unless the person applying for the same shall produce the one granted to him, or satisfy the Committee that the same is totally lost or destroyed.