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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Messrs. Richard Howell, John Beatty, Aaron Ogden, Jonathan Rhea, Joseph Bloomfield, Andrew Hunter, Erkuries Beatty, Shepherd Collock, James F. Armstrong.

Delegates to the General Society

Messrs. Jonathan Dayton, Aaron Ogden, John Beatty, Joseph Bloomfield.

Hereditary Members

The Standing Committee recommended that Mr. William Lloyd, eldest brother of the late Major Richard Lloyd, deceased, who made application to be admitted a member to supply the place of Major Lloyd, deceased; as Major Lloyd left no son, and the said William Lloyd is his eldest brother, be admitted a member on paying forty dollars, being one month’s pay and the interest due thereon, which was not paid by the said Major Lloyd. The Society agreed to the recommendation.


The Standing Committee report that they have examined the accounts of the Treasurer, and find in his hands the sum of $3,373.96 of six per cent, stock of the United States; $1,821.61 of three per cent, stock, and $1,879.17 of the deferred debt of the United States. The Committee also find that the Treasurer has received, including the balance in his hands on the last report, the sum of $530.99, and has paid for the relief of the widow of Mr. William Piatt, $50, for the expenses of the Society in 1793 at Elizabeth Town, and in 1794 at Trenton, the sum of $162.88, and for the purchase of $392.19 deferred stock, at fourteen shillings in the pound, the sum of $274.53, which leaves a balance of $43.58 in the hands of the Treasurer.

The Standing Committee recommend that as Major Richard Lloyd left no son and the said William Lloyd is his eldest brother, he be admitted a member on paying $40, being one month’s pay, and the interest due thereon, which was not paid by the said Maj. Lloyd. This was agreed to.


Whereupon Resolved, that as soon as the funds shall admit, without sale of the stock, the sum of fifty dollars be paid to Mr. William Shute as a Trustee for the benefit of the widow and orphan children of Capt. William Piatt, and that the Trustee pay particular attention to the education of the eldest son of the said Captain Piatt, and first to apply such part of the monies in his hands to his use as his circumstances may require.


The Secretary being absent, Mr. Bloomfield was requested to act as Secretary at this meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

A letter from Mr. Richard Cox, the Treasurer, being read, resolved, that the reason for his non-attendance is satisfactory.

The Committee appointed to obtain a number of diplomas to be signed by the President General, reported that they made application as directed, but some difficulties arising lest an improper use might be made of them, the committee gave assurances that this Society would take the most prudent measures to prevent that evil, that thereupon the President General did sign fifty diplomas, which with fifty more remaining unsigned, are now ready to be delivered to the order of the Society. On motion it was ordered, that the diplomas be delivered to the President for the time being and that they be kept by him in the safest manner and that none be delivered out but by the order of the Society for that purpose.

Ordered also, that members who may want diplomas give in their names to the Standing Committee with the reasons for their request, to be returned to the present or future meeting of the Society that they may be filled up and issued by order of the Society on paying the expenses atending the same.

A letter from the Revd. James F. Armstrong, the Secretary, being read, resolved, that the reasons given for his non-attendance are satisfactory.

The Society adjourned and, attended by the companies of Grenadiers and Light Infantry, went in procession to the Presbyterian Church, where Mr. Aaron Ogden, the orator of the day, delivered an oration. At 12 o’clock the Society returned to their room, present as before, with Messrs. John N. Cumming, Dr. Burnet, William Tuthill and Jonathan Rhea, except the President and Mr. Aaron Ogden, who were absent.

Resolved, that the thanks of the Society be given to Mr. Aaron Ogden for his excellent oration delivered this day, and he be desired to furnish the Society with a copy to be deposited in their archives.

Mr. John N. Cumming, from the Committee appointed to inquire into the charges alleged against Mr. John Polhemus reported, whereupon it was ordered that the said John Polhemus be struck off the lists as a member of this Society unless he show cause to the contrary at the next anniversary meeting of the Society, and that a copy of said report and this resolution be served by the Secretary on the said John Polhemus or left at the last place of his usual abode.

The Committee appointed to have printed the Institution and by-laws having done nothing, were discharged.

Resolved unanimously, that any amendments or alterations in the Institution of the Society of the Cincinnati which may be concurred in by the Representatives of seven State Societies in the next general meeting shall be obligatory upon and inviolably observed by the New Jersey State Society although not therein represented. Resolved, that the Secretary transmit the said Resolve, duly authenticated, to the Secretary-General and to the Delegates appointed by this Society to attend the next general meeting.