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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Major William Shute, General William Helms, Major John Heard, Major Jeremiah Ballard. General John Beatty, Dr. Lewis Dunham, General John Gumming, Colonel Jonathan Rhea, Colonel Aaron Ogden.

Delegates to the General Society

Captain Jonathan Dayton, Colonel Aaron Ogden, General Joseph Bloomfield, General John Beatty, General John N. Cumming.


The Standing Committee have examined the accounts of the Treasurer and find in his hands the sum of $3,497.56 of six per cent, stock; $2,262.91 of three per cent, stock, in which sum is included a certain certificate purchased by the Treasurer for the sum of $441.30, issued the second of June, 1797, and bearing interest from the first of April preceding; and the sum of $1,879.17 of the deferred debt of the United States; the Committee also find in the Treasurer’s hands a certificate for $40 of the denomination of final settlement issued by John Pierce, Esq., and paid forward by William Lloyd, Esq., at the last meeting of the Society, and which by the Statute of Limitation, cannot be funded in the stock of the United States.

The Treasurer has received in addition to the balance reported to be in his hands at the last meeting the further sum of $251.78 and he hath paid to the Representative for their attendance in the General Society in May, 1796, the sum of $60; the sum of $75.85 for the expenses of the Society on the last anniversary at Trenton, npon warrants drawn by tlie President: and also, the snni of $j_’0.65 for the purchase of the certificate of three per cent, stock as above stated, and that there remains a balance in cash in his hands of the sum of $133.32.


Resolved, that the President do express to Major General Bloomfield the thanks of this meeting for his excellent oration and that the President request a copy to be deposited among the archives of this Society.

Mr. George Montgomery Ogden, eldest son of Brigadier General Matthias Ogden, deceased, and Mr. George Clinton Barber, eldest son of Col. Francis Barber, deceased, being present at this place; Resolved, that the President be requested to introduce them to the members of this Society and to invite them to dinner this day.