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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Major Joseph Bloomfield, General Elias Dayton, Col. John N. Cumming, Captains Jonathan Dayton and Jonathan Rhea, Majors Richard Howell, Nathaniel Donnell and Captain John Heard.

Delegates to the General Society

Captain John Dayton, Major Joseph Bloomfield, Major John Beatty, Rev. Andrew Hunter.


The Standing Committee report that there is in the hands of the Treasurer, $2,778.09 of six per cent, stock; $1,691.91 of three per cent, stock, and $1,389.05 of deferred stock, all which have been funded and placed upon the books of the Treasury of the United States in the name of the Treasurer of the Cincinnati of the State of New Jersey or his assigns. There are also in the hands of the Treasurer four certificates issued by Benjamin Thompson and John Pierce Commissioners amounting to $118.71-90 principal unfunded, and there is also in his hands the sum of $129.31-90 specie.

Resolved, That the Treasurer together with Elias Boudinot, Esq., Capt. Dayton, Maj. Bloomfield and the Rev. Mr. Hunter be a Committee for the purpose of vesting the funds of this Society in the bank of the United States, and they, or any three of them are hereby authorized to act in this business as they may think most advantageous to the interests of the Society.

The Secretary produced an account of money paid Mr. Collins for printing list of the names of the Society amounting to forty-two shillings, which the Treasurer is hereby ordered to pay.

General Elias Dayton produced an account of postage paid by him for letters and communications received for the use of the Society amounting to thirty shillings, which the Treasurer is hereby ordered to repay to General Dayton.


Resolved, that the Hon. Elias Boudinot and Jonathan Dayton, Esquires, be continued a committee to procure one hundred diplomas for the use of this Society by the next meeting, fifty of which to be signed by the President General, and deliver them to the Treasurer who is hereby directed to pay the expenses of the same; and the Secretary is hereby ordered to serve said Committee with an authenticated copy of this resolve.

Resolved, that in future the second orator be prepared to deliver an oration in case the first should by any means be prevented therefrom.

Ordered that the Standing Committee meet at four of the clock on the afternoon preceeding the next annual meeting of this Society at Elizabeth Town.