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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Messrs. Cumming, Ogden, Bloomfield, Dayton, Hunter, Rhea, Howell, Donnell and Dr. E. Elmer.

Delegates to the General Society

Messrs. Dayton, Bloomfield, Ogden, Hunter.

Hereditary Members

Major Bloomfield reported from the committee appointed to receive and report on claims of offiters that application is made by Dr. William Burnet, Jr., to be admitted a member of this Society, as the successor of Major Ichabod Burnet, the said Ichabod Burnet having been an officer in the American Army until the end of the war and died without male issue, and the said Dr. William Burnet, Jr., being the eldest brother of the said Major Burnet, the committee are of opinion that Dr. William Burnet be received as of collateral branch.

Application is also made by Lieut. John Kinney, formerly of the Third New Jersey Regiment to be admitted a member of this Society, and it appearing that the said Lieutenant Kinney is within the exception extended to extraordinary cases, and that he be admitted a member of this Society.

Lieutenant Shephard Kollock, of Colonel Lamb’s Regiment of Artillery, made application to be admitted a member of this Society, and it appearing that Lieutenant Kollock is within the exception extended to extraordinary cases, and that he be admitted a member of this Society. The report of the committee was agreed to.

Honorary Members

The Standing Committee recommend that the names of all Honorary Members as have not subscribed to the Institution be expunged. It was agreed to.


Resolved, That the Treasurer be impowered to subscribe the whole of that part of the funds of this Society, which bears a present interest of six per cent, to the Bank of the United States and that he be authorized to dispose of so much of the arrears of certificates due from the members, or of the three per cent, or deferred stock, at his discretion as will be requisite in addition to the monies in his hands to pay the specie proportion required for each share.

Resolved, That if upon application made by the Treasurer to the persons appointed to receive the same, the whole of the shares admissable in the Bank of the United States, shall be found to have been subscribed and taken up, then, and in that case, he be impowered to contract for shares with individuals who hold them and if necessary to give a premium for the same.


Resolved unanimously, that mourning consisting of a crape or ribband on the left arm be worn during thirty days from this time as testimony of affection to the memory of General Ogden and Col. Brearly, late members of this Society, deceased since the last meeting; and that in case of the death of any member, the presiding officer give public notice that mourning be worn by the Society during the time mentioned above.

Resolved, that the thanks of this Society be given to Captain Dayton for his excellent oration, and that he furnish the Society with a copy to be deposited among the archives.

A circular letter from the Secretary-General enclosing six copies of the proceedings of the late extra-general meeting was read together with the proceedings, whereupon unanimously resolved, that the delegates from this Society to the next general meeting be fully empowered to agree upon and finally establish all such alterations as may be thought necessary in the general constitution of the Cincinnati. and that any amendments or alterations in the Institution of the Society of the Cincinnati which may be concurred in by the representatives of nine states in the next general meeting shall be obligatory upon and inviolably observed by this Society, although not therein represented, and that this resolve duly authenticated be transmitted to the Secretary General.

Resolved, that the Treasurer write to every member in arrears to make immediate payment of their respective sums due to the Society.

Resolved, that it be the duty of the Standing Committee and that it be enjoined upon them to examine into and report annually, the state of the Treasurer’s accounts, who is hereby required to produce a fair statement of the same to the Committee at every stated meeting.

The Secretary laid before the Society a list of its members which, being read and corrected, he was ordered to transmit a fair copy thereof to the Secretary General and enter the original upon the files of the Society.