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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Delegates to the General Society

Captain Dayton, Colonel Frelinghuysen, General Forman, Major Howell.

Hereditary Members

Resolved, That as Captain Claypoole is a member of the State Society of Pennsylvania; and that he has removed into and now resides within this State, he be admitted a member of this Society according to the Institution and take his seat.

Captain Ogden reported that the claims of William Burnet, Esq., Chief Physician of the Hospitals, comes within the second and third description of qualifications. James Giles, Esq., Captain Lieutenant in the First Regiment of Artillery, comes within the qualification of the second description, Mr. John Kinney, Lieutenant in First New Jersey Regiment, comes within the first description of qualification; Mr. Ebenezer Stockton, Surgeon in the New Hampshire Line, and Dr. James F. Armstrong, Chaplain to the Maryland Brigade, come within the second qualification, and that they are members of Right, and that they be admitted to sign the Institution.

It was resolved that the said report, so far as it respects William Burnet, Esq., the Rev. James F. Armstrong, James Giles, Esq., and Dr. Ebenezer Stockton, be agreed to, and so far as it respects Mr. Kinney, it be postponed till our next meeting.


The Treasurer has in his hands belonging to the Society the sum of $111.

Jan. 23-30 To cash recd, for int. as per endorsements on Sundry Notes $35.80
July 4 To cash recd, of Doctor Ebenezer Elmer, Lieut. Anthony Reckless $11.30


July 4 By Balance in the hand of the Treasurer $111.00


Resolved, that the Secretary be requested to invite the members of the late American Army who are now in town to walk in procession with the Society.

Ordered, that the Secretary procure a suitable book for recording the transactions of this Society, and that he make a fair transcript of the minutes as revised and corrected as soon as convenient.

Resolved, that the thanks of this Society be presented to Col. Frelinghuysen for his oration and that a copy be presented and preserved in the archives of the Society.