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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

William Wilmot Ballard, William Pancoast Barber, Paul Augustine Hendry, Henry Dusenbery Maxwell, Henry Applegate Wilson, Timothy Matlack Cheesman, William Pennington.

Delegates to the General Society

F. D. Howell, W. T. B. S. Imlay, F. L. Humphreys, J. W. S. Campbell, T. M. Cheesman.


Charles Hornblower Woodruff, , Hughes Dayton, Henry Dusenbery Maxwell, William Pennington.


The Auditing Committee report that they have audited the accounts of the Treasurer and found them correct, his balance in bank being $484.10.


Meeting was held at Washington Headquarters, Morristown, N. J. It was opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Howell, the Chaplain of the Society. In the absence of Mr. Imlay, Mr. W. P. Barber was appointed Secretary pro tem.

The minutes of February 22 after being amended as to the communication of Mr. Lorton were approved.

The Committee on excerpts were empowered to go on with the publication of the excerpts at a cost of not over $500.

Consideration of new by-laws was postponed until the February meeting. By unanimous consent the Secretary was directed to cast a ballot for the same officers for the ensuing year as those now in office.

The following telegram was sent to our Vice-President, lying ill at his home in Philadelphia, Pa.: “The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey sends greeting to the Vice-President and regrets his inability to be present.”

The members then adjourned to the First Presbyterian Church, where the services were opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Erdman. The Declaration of Independence was read by Dr. Cheesman, and the Institution of the Society by Mr. Woodruff. After the singing of “The Sword of Bunker Hill,” a very eloquent oration was delivered by the Revd. W. H. Morgan, D.D., of Newark. The services were closed by a benediction by Revd. Mr. Howell, the Chaplain. The congregation then adjourned to the Green, where the flag was raised for the first time on the new flag staff by Miss Mary Merrill great, great granddaughter of Com. Oliver H. Perry, after which the members of the Society and others proceeded to the Hall adjoining the Headquarters, when the annual dinner was served.