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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

The meeting was called to order by the President. In the absence of the Chaplain, prayer was offered by the. Revd. Dr. Blanchard. Minutes of the meetings of July, 1903; Feb., 1904; July, 1904; Feb., 1905, and July, 1905, were read and approved.

A communication from Mr. Heth Lorton, of the Virginia Society, was received and ordered placed on file.

The Committee on excerpts reported progress. On motion of Dr. Cheesman it was Resolved, That the Committee be directed to submit to the Society the result of their work before proceeding to print.

Mr. Campbell, from the Committee on By-Laws, reported that the Committee had finished a draft of the By-Laws and offered the following resolution: Resolved, That instead of reading the By-Laws as drafted, the said draft be printed and a copy be mailed by the Secretary to every member of the Society.

Mr. Woodruff moved that Dr. Frazer be requested to tender the following resolution to our Vice-President who is now confined to his house sick. Resolved, That the Society has listened with great interest to the report made by Dr. Frazer of the illness of our Vice-President and be it

Resolved, That Dr. Frazer be requested by the Society in meeting assembled to tender to our esteemed officer and brother their profound sympathy with him in his present illness and their earnest hope that he will be speedily restored to health and be with us at our next meeting.

On motion a committee of three was appointed by the President in compliance with the suggestion of the Virginia Society as expressed in the communication of Mr. Heth Lorton. The President appointed as such Committee Messrs. Frazer, Campbell, and Cheesman. Dr. Cheesman declining to serve, Mr. Woodruff was appointed in his place.