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The Reverend Luther Halsey LLD, DD

Hereditary Member, admitted 1835

The Reverend Luther Halsey, LLD, DD
8th Secretary of the New Jersey Society 1850-1852

8th Secretary of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati
In office
1850 — 1852
Preceded by Robert Hedden Cumming
Succeeded by Francis Barber
2nd Chaplain of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati
In office
1871 — 1880
Preceded by Charles Clinton Beatty
Succeeded by William Henry Hornblower

Son of propositus Luther Halsey. Secretary of the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey 1850-1852 and Chaplain 1871-1880. Born in Schenectedy, NY on 1 Jan 1794 and died in Norristown, PA on 29 Oct 1880. During the Civil War was Adjutant in a New Jersey Regiment of Volunteers. Concord College graduate 1812. Graduated from Union College 1812 and attended Colombia College in New York City. Washington and Jefferson College LLD Degree 1871 and DD Degree from Princeton 1831. Ordained in 1816. Pastor in Blooming Grove, NJ in 1816. Professor of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and Natural History at Princeton 1824-1829. Professor of Theology and leader of the faculty at Western Theological Seminary in Allegheny, PA 1829-1837. Professor of Church History and Polity at the Theological Seminary in Auburn, NY 1837-1844. Pastor of Manchester Congregation, Allegheny, PA 1844-1847. Professor in Union Theological Seminary in New York City 1847-1850. Pastor at Bloomington Presbyterian Church 1852-1863.Pastor in Hammindtown, NJ 1863-1872. Lecturer Extraordinary at Alleheny, PA1872-1877 and Professor Emeritus 1877-1880. [Sources:M; (66); (98); (C);; Rootsweb’s World Connect project;”Twentieth Centruy Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans”;”Universities and Their Sons”, volume 11, 1899. Pic: Painting byFrederick Spencer 1855 owned by the Art Museum of Princeton University] [ Note-searching Herringshaw’s Encyclopedia.]

Mr. Halsey was the son of Luther Halsey.



Luther Halsey
Original Member
( — )
The Reverend Luther Halsey LLD, DD
(1794 — 1880)
Admitted 1835


Luther Foster Halsey MD
(1833 — 1895)
Admitted 1884
Luther Murphy Halsey MD
Great Grandson
(1858 — 1921)
Admitted 1896
Joseph Garrison Halsey DDS
Great grandson
(1860 — 1940)
Admitted 1923
Joseph Halsey Groff
(1889 — 1972)
Admitted 1940
Admitted 1973
Admitted 1980