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The Honorable Jacob Burnet LLD

Hereditary Member, admitted 1808

The Honorable Jacob Burnet, LLD

Son of propositus William Burnet. Born in Newark, NJ on 22 Feb 1770 and died in Cincinnati, OH on 10 May 1853. Graduated from Princeton in 1791. Honorary LLD from the University of Lexington, VA and Princeton University. Attorney. Member of the Bar in 1796. Appointed to the first Legislative Council of the Northwest Territory 1787-1802 and Territorial Council of Ohio 1799-1802. Also served as Territorial Judge in 1799. Member of the Ohio State House of Representatives 1812-1821. A leader in the passage of the National Land Act in 1820. US Senator from OH 1828-1833 filling the vacancy of William Henry Harrison. Justice of the OH Supreme Court 1821-1828. Delegate to the Whig National Convention in 1839.Gave the Presidential nomination speech for Harrison in 1839. Professor of Law at the University of Lexington, VA in 1821. Author of Ohio’s first Constitution, which was adopted in 1851. President of the Medical College of Ohio in 1803. Director of the Cincinnati Branch of the 2nd Bank of the United States. President of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Astronomical Society. One of the founders of the Lancastrian Academy in Cincinnati, OH. One of the founders of Cincinnati College and its first President. First President of the Colonization Society of Cincinnati. Member of the French Academy of Sciences. Author of Notes on Early Settlement of the Northwest Territory, 1847. Freemason. Past Master and Royal Arch Mason. Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio in 1810-1812. Married Rebecca Wallace on 1 Jan 1800. [Sources: ; ; (66);(98); (C); Find a Grave Memorial; “National Cyclopaedia of AmericanBiography”, Volume 11. Pic:]

Mr. Burnet was the son of William Burnet.



William Burnet
(1754 — 1799)
The Honorable Jacob Burnet LLD
(1770 — 1853)
Admitted 1808


The Reverend William Henry Hornblower DD
Great grandson
(1820 — 1883)
Admitted 1870
Second Lieutenant Robert Wallace Burnet
(1808 — 1898)
Admitted 1884
Jacob Staats Burnet Esq.
Great grandson
(1837 — 1910)
Admitted 1900
Robert Wallace Burnet II
(1875 — 1929)
Admitted 1912
Admitted 1940
Admitted 1973