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Major General William Scudder Stryker LLD

Honorary Member, admitted 1876
Hereditary Member, admitted 1888

Major General William Scudder Stryker, LLD
10th President of the New Jersey Society 1896-1900

10th President of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati
In office
1896 — 1900
Preceded by Clifford Stanley Sims
Succeeded by William Bowen Buck

(2) Great grandnephew of propositus Nathaniel Scudder. President of the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey 1896-1900. Born in Trenton, NJ on 6 Jun 1838 and died in Trenton, NJ on 29 Oct 1900. Served in the Civil War from 1861 to 1866 in the 14th New Jersey Volunteers. Private in the New Jersey National Guard 1861. Major in the 14th NJ Volunteers 1862. Was engaged in the capture of Morris Island and the night attack on Fort Wagner. Aide-de-Camp to General Gillmore with rank of Major in Hilton Head, SC 8 Jul 1863. Served as Paymaster to the Regiment 1863-1865. Promoted to the rank of Brevet Lt. Colonel 24 Nov 1865. Resigned 30 Jun 1866. Served on the Staff of the Governor of New Jersey as Lt. Colonel and Aide de Camp 12 Apr 1867 and was Adjutant General of New Jersey 1867-1900. Brevet Major General of New Jersey 9 Feb 1874. Princeton graduate 1858, MA Degree 1861 and Honorary LLD Degree 1899. Attorney and member of the Bar 1866. President of the Trenton Bank and resigned in 1885. President of the Trenton Battle Monument Association 12 May 1884. FRHS (Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society?). Princeton Theological Seminary Trustee 6 May 1896-1900. Author of Roster of Jerseymen in the Revolutionary War, 1872; Roster of New Jersey Volunteers in the Civil War, 1876; The Affair at Egg Harbor, The Battles of Trenton and Princeton, 1898; and The Battle of Monmouth which was printed posthumously in 1927. President of the New Jersey Historical Society 26 Jan 1897. Deputy Governor of the Society of Colonial Wars in New Jersey. Married Helen Boudinot Atterbury on 14 Sep 1870. [Sources: ; (98); (C); Find a Grave Memorial; “Who Was Who in America”, Volume 1; “National Cyclopaedia of American Biography”, Volume 3; Pic: Find A Grave Memorial; Triennial photo 1884] [Note, searching Princeton Alumni Weekly- Memorial, Class 1858, Vol. 1 #16, 1900/11/03, p277.]

Mr. Stryker was the great-great-grandnephew of Nathaniel Scudder.



Nathaniel Scudder
( — )
Major General William Scudder Stryker LLD
(1838 — 1900)
Admitted 1888


William Bradford Stryker
(1886 — 1969)
Admitted 1908