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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Colonel Scott, Captain DeHart, Mr. Ogden, Mr. Pennington, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Barber.

Delegates to the General Society

Major Shute, Colonel Scott, Governor Pennington.

By-Laws, Rules and Amendments

The additional rule and bye law at the last meeting in relation to honorary members was unanimously adopted and the Secretary of the Society was requested to give notice of the same.

Hereditary Members

John McDowell, Jr., applied for admission into this Society as a regular member in lineal descent.

It appears that the applicant is the eldest son of Isaac Kollock, deceased, who was the second son of the late Shephard Kollock, one of the original members of this Society. That Dr. Henry Kollock, oldest son of the said Shephard Kollock, died about twenty years ago without issue. That the applicant having been adopted into the family of the Rev. Dr. McDowell, caused his name to be changed to McDowell, and that for near twenty years he has not been known by the name of Kollock, but that he has borne and does now bear the name of McDowell, that he is of good moral and respectable character. He is fairly entitled to a seat in this Society in strict lineal succession. He was admitted.


The Standing Committee report that they have examined the accounts of the Treasurer and find that the permanent fund of the Society is $10,000.

The Treasurer has paid out of the monies received by him for the expenses of last year as follows: For the traveling expenses of the members of the meeting at Elizabeth Town, $112; for the expenses of the Society at the same meeting $107.75 ! for the donations to the widows and others the sum of $313.

The Treasurer had received as interest, $506.25, and that he had previously in his hands, $22; so that after the payments aforementioned the Treasurer was in advance, $4.45.

The following estimates are submitted. There will probably be required for the traveling expenses of the members this day attending the sum of $95; for the expenses of the Society this day, $100; for an appropriation made for crape for the members, $10. The sum probably at the disposal of the Society, and to be appropriated in donations from the interest received to this day will be $295.


The Standing Committee recommend that $121 be donated to the following applicants who have made applications to them for relief: Mrs. J. Williamson, Miss Jane Shute, Miss Sarah Thomas, Miss Sproules, Mrs. Nancy Reckless, Mrs. Chandler, daughter of Col. Whitlock; Mrs. Hendry, Miss Ogden, Mrs. Barber, Miss De Hart, Miss Stout, Mrs. Harriet H. Armstrong, Mr. Wm. Hyer, and Mrs. Rachel Lloyd. Recommendations adopted. Also $6 to Mr. Whitlock.


The Vice-President announced to the Society the death of Col. Sheppard Kollock, an original member of this Society, whereupon it was Resolved, that in honor of the memory of our deceased brother, the Society will wear mourning by a crape on the left arm for the space of thirty days.