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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Hereditary Members

* The resolution that Wm. Pennington, Esq., be admitted a member of this Society was referred to the Committee respecting canons or rules of succession. The committee to whom was referred the resolution relative to J. J. Plume reported that they have had the matter so referred to them under consideration, that they find that John J. Plume has been regularly admitted as a member of the State Society of Cincinnati of New York, but as they do not certainly know the footing upon which members of this Society changing their residence to New York are received in the Society of that State, they recommend the passage of the following resolutions:

Resolved, that a Committee of three persons be appointed to confer with the Society of Cincinnati of the State of New York for the purpose of ascertaining the footing upon which they admit the member of this Society, changing their residence to that State, and the grounds upon which their course is founded, and that the said Committee report to the Society at its next meeting.

Resolved. That the President cause a copy of this resolution to be transmitted to the President of the New York Society and that he at the same time address to him a letter requesting that such corresponding measures may be adopted on the part of that Society as will further the design of the said resolution.

Messrs. Pennington, Scott and Thomas were appointed to confer with the New York Society, and Messrs. Wall, Armstrong and Southard with the Pennsylvania Society.

Application having been made by Charles J. F. T. Hendry, the eldest son of Doctor John A. Hendry, deceased, in right of his father, to be admitted to membership, and he being of full age and judged worthy was duly admitted.


The Standing Committee report that they have examined the accounts of the Treasurer and find that the permanent funds of the Society consist of a certificate of trust issued by the New York Life Insurance & Trust Company in the sum of $10,100.50, payable to Joseph W. Reckless, George C. Thomas and William Pennington, the Committee heretofore appointed, bearing interest at five per cent, and dated the fifth day of December, eighteen hundred and thirty-three. Signed by William Bard as President and E. A. Nicholl, Secretary, and which said certificate is herewith exhibited to the Society. And the Committee report, that there remained in the Treasury, as by the settlement of accounts on the fourth day of July last, $118.94, and that the Treasurer has paid thereout $100.56, leaving a balance in his hands, to be appropriated by the Society of $18.38.

Resolved, That the investment of the funds by the Committee appointed for that purpose is entirely satisfactory.

The Committee also report to the Society a claim of Wm. B. Heard for traveling expenses at the time he was admitted to membership as successor of his father. The Society decided not to admit the claim.

Resolved, That when the Treasurer is in funds a sum not exceeding $20 be paid to the President of the Society for services rendered in relation to the investment of the funds.

Resolved, That the law requiring security from the Treasurer be rescinded.

Resolved, That the amount invested by the Society in the New York Life Insurance & Trust Company be reduced to $10,000.

Resolved, That no order for the payment of the principal sum or any part of such principal sum, of the money of the Society, now deposited in the New York Life Insurance & Trust Company shall be made by the Society except at their regular annual meeting.

Resolved, That the Treasurer of this Society do draw the interest due or to become due, from the New York Life Insurance & Trust Company semiannually, and that he immediately reinvest the interest in the same company for the first half year, commencing on the fifth day of July in each year, upon the same terms and upon the same conditions as the original loan to the said company.


In consequence of the smallness of the funds of the Society the Committee decline making to the Society any recommendations for relief. The Society appropriated to Eliza D. Whitlock. daughter of Col. Whitlock, $25; Mary Ann Kinney, daughter of Major John Kinney, $20; Mrs. Brooks, widow of Major Almarine Brooks, $25; Mrs. Barber, widow of Geo. C. Barber, $35; Mrs. Armstrong, widow of James F. Armstrong; Miss Mary De Hart, daughter of Capt. Cyrus De Hart, and Mrs. Hendry, widow of Capt. Hendry, $25 each.


The President announced to the Society the death of Dr. John A Hendry, whereupon it was Resolved, that the usual badge of mourning be worn for thirty days.

The minutes of the last annual meeting were read and approved.

The Society, together with the Citizens, accompanied by a very handsome military escort, walked in procession to the Presbyterian Church, where, after a prayer and the reading of the Declaration of Independence, a very eloquent and appropriate oration was delivered by William Pennington, Esqr., who had been previously appointed by the Society. The exercises in the church being ended, the Society returned in the same order of procession to the place of meeting and proceeded to business.

Resolved, that the thanks of this Society be presented to William Pennington, Esqr., for his oration and that he be requested to furnish a copy to be deposited in our archives.

The President submitted to the Society the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, 1st. That the New Jersey State Society of Cincinnati are solemly impressed by the death of their illustrious brother Lafayette, who in life, in relation to the great family of mankind, was the foremost in incessant attentions to preserve inviolate, the exalted rights and liberties of human nature.

In relation to these United States, a gallant and great commander, the last of her revolutionary Major-Generals, an accomplished and finished gentleman, the friend and companion of our Washington, second to none but him in promoting the cause of Independence, and who will stand next him on the pinnacle of fame.

Nonien decus et venerable in onine avum eternum.

And in his relations to the Cincinnati, exceeded by none in brotherly kindness in all things, and particularly in the most substantial acts of beneficence to the unfortunate of their families.

2d. Resolved, that as a mark of respect, each member of the Society will wear the usual badge of mourning for six months and as a matter of more interest, treasure up his memory in their hearts.

3d. Resolved, that the Orator of this Society for the next Anniversary, pronounce an eulogium on his character and services, to be preserved among their archives forever.

4th. Resolved, that a Committee be appointed to draft and report to this meeting, a suitable letter of condolence to the family of the deceased, from his brethern of this State Society, among whom there are some who fought with him at Brandywine on the plains of Monmouth, who were under his immediate command in his memorable campaign in Virginia in seventeen hundred and eighty-one, at the siege of Yorktown and the capture of Lord Cornwallis and his army, and who belonged to his beloved corps of light infantry.

Messrs. Southard, Wall, Pennington, Armstrong and Dayton were appointed the committee.

*See honorary members. — W. T. B. S. Imlay, Secretary.