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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

William Tuttle, Garret D. Wall, Robert L. Armstrong, T. M. Elmer.

Hereditary Members

John Kinney made application for admission into the Society as a member in right of his father, Col. John Kinney, deceased, an original member, it was resolved, that the application be postponed for further information.

John T. Halsey made application for admission into the Society as a member in right of his father, Luther Halsey, deceased, but the applicant not being the eldest son of the decease, and an elder son being still living, he was being the eldest son of the deceased, and an elder son being still living, he was not admitted. Rev. Luther Halsey was admitted in right of his father, Luther Halsey.


The Standing Committee beg leave to report that they have examined the accounts of the Treasurer, Joseph W. Reckless, Esq., and find that the permanent funds of the Society remain as is stated in last year’s report and consist of a certificate of trust issued by the New York Life Insurance & Trust Company in the sum of $10,100.50, payable to Joseph W. Reckless, George C. Thomas and William Pennington, Committee, heretofore appointed; bearing interest at five per cent., dated fifth December, 1833, signed by Wm. Bard, President and E. A. Nichols, Secretary; $100.50 of which have been drawn out by the Society and placed in the Treasurer’s current accounts, which said certificate is herewith exhibited to the Society.

The Committee further report that by the accounts of the Treasurer it appears that there is a balance against the Society of $9.68.


The Standing Committee report that the following applications have been made to them for relief: Miss Elizabeth D. Whitlock, daughter of Col. Whitlock; Miss Sproul, daughter of Capt. Sproul; Mrs. Abby Hendry, widow of Dr. Hendry; Mrs. Mary C. Barber, widow of Geo. C. Barber, Esq. ; Mrs. L. Armstrong, widow of Jas. F. Armstrong ; Mrs. Brooks, widow of Major A. Brooks; Mrs. Seely, widow of Capt. Seely; Miss De Hart, daughter of Capt. De Hart; Miss Mary Ann Kinney, daughter of Col. J. Kinney and William Hyer, $25 was appropriated to each.


The Society, together with the Citizens, walked in procession to the First Presbyterian Church to attend the exercises appointed for the day, when, after a prayer and the reading of the Declaration of Independence, a very eloquent and appropriate oration was delivered by Aaron O. Dayton, Esqr., who had been previously appointed by the Society.

The exercises in the church, being ended, the Society returned in the same order of procession to the place of meeting and proceeded to business.

Resolved, that the thanks for his oration be presented by the Society to Aaron O. Dayton, Esqr., and that he be requested to furnish a copy to be deposited in our archives.

The Citizens of the Borough of Elizabeth, having expressed an earnest desire that the oration this day delivered before the Society in commemoration of the character and services of General LaFayette, in pursuance of a resolution passed at the last annual meeting, should be published. And the Society as well on account of their respect for the character and services of Genl. LaFayette, as the beneficial effect that they may have in promoting the good of mankind. Resolved, that Aaron O. Dayton, Esqr., be at liberty to comply with such request, if he sees proper.