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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Major Ballard, Colonel Stout, Colonel Rhea, Colonel Kollock, General Cumming, General J. Dayton, George G. Barber.

Delegates to the General Society

General Elias Dayton, Governor Bloomfield, General Jonathan Dayton, Colonel Aaron Ogden, General Beatty.

Hereditary Members

Resolved, that the resolution agreed to on the 4th of July, 1803, respecting Jeremiah Bruin and Abraham Kinney be continued and that the Secretary be directed to transmit to them a copy of said resolution together with a copy of this resolution. And resolved that the resolution respecting Daniel Baldwin be rescinded, and that his deposit due to the Treasury be remitted.


The Standing Committee reported that they have examined the Treasurer’s books and accounts and has found the following sums which are vested in the public stock of the United States, viz. : $300 in eight per cents. ; $7,- 457.62 in old six per cents., being in value at this time, $5,681.96; $2,714.84 in deferred six per cent, stock, being in value $2,536.44, making a total value of $8,518.43 of real stock, in which sum is included, $1,105.31 in six per cent, stock being the produce of $900 interest and principal of former stock, and $5.68 the amount of a certificate of $9.98 in three per cents, directed to be sold by the Treasurer and be invested in six per cent, stock.

The Treasurer had expended since the last meeting of the Society the sum of $89.63, being the amount of the dinner bill and other expenses at Elizabeth Town. There now remains a balance in cash in his hands of $99.39.


A representation having been made to the Standing Committee that Mrs. Howell, the widow of the late Governor Richard Howell, has been left in unpleasant circumstances as to the means of supporting and educating her family which from their number and times of life, are becoming more and more expensive. It was Resolved, that the sum of one hundred dollars be placed in the hands of the Rev. Andrew Hunter and Col. Jonathan Rhea by the Treasurer of this Society for the purpose of being paid forward to the use of the said Mrs. Howell as in their discretion shall seem to require.


The Society ordered that mourning be worn for the death of two members, Genl. Frelinghuysen and Col. Hay, and then proceeded to the Presbyterian Church to render thanks to Almighty God for his public and private benefits, and to read the Declaration of Independence. The Society then returned to the Hotel of Scott and Herbert, the place of their meeting.