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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Colonel Ogden, General Beatty, Colonel Rhea, General Cumming, Major Ballard, Major Ford and Mr. George C. Barber.

Delegates to the General Society

General Elias Dayton, Governor Bloomfield, Colonel Ogden, General J. Dayton, General Cumming.


The Standing Committee reported that they had examined the Treasurer’s books and accounts and found in his hands, the following sums which are vested in the funds of the United States, viz. : $300 in eight per cent, stock; $8,359.96 in old six per cent, stock, being in value at this time, $6,075 and $2,714.84 in deferred six per cent, stock, being in value at this time, ?2,-469.20, making a total value of $8,844.20 of real stock in which sum is included, $902.34 in nominal old six per cent, stock, being the produce of $600 interest and principal of former stock.

The Treasurer had expended since the last meeting of the Society the sum of $179 and there remains in cash in his hands, $157.31.

On Motion, Resolved, That the fees and instalments due from Lieut. Abraham Stout to the Treasury for the Society on the delivery of his diploma be remitted.


The resolution respecting Mr. Abraham Kinney and Mr. Jeremiah Bruen was continued and the former minutes respecting them are to be communicated.

The Society proceeded to the Presbyterian Church to render thanks to Almighty God for his public and private benefits and read the Declaration of Independence. The Society then returned to the hotel and dined.