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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

General Beatty, Colonel Rhea, Dr. Elmer, Colonel Beatty, Major Ballard, Colonel Stout and General Cumming.

Delegates to the General Society

General J. Dayton, General Bloomfield, General Beatty, General Cummings, Colonel Ogden.


The Standing Committee report that they have examined the Treasurer’s books and accounts, and find the several sums following vested in the public stock of the United States, viz. : $300 in eight per cents. ; $9,069. 1 5 in nominal six per cents., being in real stock on the first of this month about $7,500.00 and $9.98 in three per cents. In addition to the sum of $197.57, cash remaining in the Treasurer’s hands at the last settlement, he has since received in principal and interest arising on the funds, the sum of $708.65, and he has disbursed the sum of $627.22, inclusive of $500 paid for the purchase of $630.44 in nominal six per cent, stock, and now making a part of the before mentioned $9,067.15, and that there now remains $279, a balance of cash in his hands.

The Committee recommend to the Society that the Treasurer be authorized to dispose of the small certificate of three per cent, stock, amounting to $9.98 and that the money arising therefrom be invested in six per cent, stock at his’ next purchase.


The Society proceeded to the church to attend the delivery of the annual oration by Dr. Ebenezer Elmer.

The Society returned to the place of their meeting.

Resolved, that the thanks of this Society be given to Dr. Ebenezer Elmer for his excellent and well adapted oration delivered by him this day and that he be requested to furnish a copy of it to be deposited in the archives of the Society.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

The Committee appointed to prepare for the press and to cause to be published a handsome edition of the Constitution and By-Laws of this Society were continued.

A motion was made and seconded, that Major Jeremiah Bruin, Captain Daniel Baldwin and Lieut. Abraham Kinney have permission until next meeting of this Society to pay or show they have paid the arrears due to the Treasury of this Society, and if not then paid or satisfaction given to this Society, that their names be stricken off the list of members of this Society and that they have notice of this order.