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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

The Society of the Cincinnati of New Jersey met according to adjournment.


General Elias Dayton President
Lieut. Col. Jonathan Foreman Vice-President
Reverend Andrew Hunter Secretary
Major Richard Cox Treasurer
Doctor Ebenezer Elmer Assistant Treasurer

And forty members.


His Excellency, Elias Boudinot, Esq., President of Congress; his Excellency William Livingston, Esq., Governor of the State; and the Honorable Brigadier General David Foreman, having been nominated for Honorary Members were duly elected.

Frederick Frelinghuysen, Robert Lettice Hooper and Thomas Henderson, Esq., having been nominated Honorary Members were duly elected.


Certain charges of ungentlemanly conduct being alleged against Captain Alexander Mitchell, it was agreed that he be cited by the Secretary to appear at the next meeting of the Society to answer to the said charges and that in the meantime the diploma and Order of the Society be with-holden from him.

Ordered, that it be recommended to the members of the Society who have served in the line of the army, at all meetings of the Society to wear the proper uniform of the Jersey line.

The President was requested to write to the honorary members and acquaint them with their appointment.

Though not included in the proceedings of the meeting of September 22nd, 1783, a record from the following day reads:


Sept. 23rd, 1783.

“The Honorable General Dayton, the Honorable Colonel Brearley, Colonel Cumming, Captain Ogden, and Captain Dayton, were appointed to represent the state society at the next general meeting of the Cincinnati.”

The meeting abovementioned convened in Philadelphia on May 4, 1784, and lasted two full weeks.