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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

L. Q. C. Elmer, Matthias Ogden, William Lloyd, James A. Pennington, Alexander C. Hyer. John McDowell, Jr., and J. L Beatty.

Delegates to the General Society

Colonel Scott, George C. Thomas, Robert D. Spencer.


The Standing Committee report that they have inspected the certificate of the loan of the United States for $10,000. and find the same safe in the hands of the Treasurer. They have also examined the Treasurer’s accounts, which they find to be correct, by which it appears that there is now in the hands of the Treasurer the sum of $576.08.

They report that the accounts are as follows : He is charged with one year’s interest on the loan amounting to $600. That the Treasurer has paid $20, a donation granted to Mrs. Armstrong the last year out of the semiannual interest on the loan paid in January last, which together with $3.92, the balance due the Treasurer last year, leaves the sum of $576.08.

The following disbursements were made by the Treasurer:

Amount paid for donations $295.00
dinners 143.00
traveling expenses 121.60
crape 2.66
Amount paid for expenses of Delegates to General Society 30.00
Amount paid to Treasurer (previous settlement) 11.66
Total $603.92


The Standing Committee recommend that each of the following persons receive the sum of $17.

Miss Thomas. William Whitlock, Miss Sproules, Miss Reckless, Miss Stout, Miss Ogden, Mrs. Barber, Miss De Hart, Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Hyer, Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Kollock, Miss Butler, Mrs. Williamson, and Miss A. G. Dayton (jointly) and Miss Sally Dayton. William V. Hurd, $15.

They also recommend that there be paid to Geo. C. Thomas the sum of $17 for Mrs. H. C. Patton. Recommendations adopted.


The Society, attended by a large body of Citizens, and escorted by the Military, marched in procession to the Presbyterian Church and, after a prayer by the Revd. Dr. Davidson and the reading of the Declaration of Independence by Mr. Francis Barber, an oration was delivered by Frederick Frelinghuysen, Esqr.; the services being ended, the Society returned to their place of meeting and proceeded to business.

On motion Resolved, that the thanks of this Society be presented to Frederick Frelinghuysen, Esqr., for his eloquent and appropriate oration, and that he be requested to deliver the same to the Secretary to be placed among the archives.