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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Mr. Thomas, Mr. Bloomfield, Mr. Ogden, Mr. Barber, Mr. Reckless, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Pennington.

Delegates to the General Society

Colonel Scott, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Bloomfield.


The Standing Committee report, that they have examined the accounts of the Treasurer Robt. D. Spencer, Esq., and also the certificate of the Government of the United States, for $10,000, and find the same safe and untouched, bearing an interest of six per cent. They also report that the accounts of the Treasurer are correct and that a balance of $3.69 remains now due from the Treasurer.

The Committee further report that the amount of income for the year ending the 4th July, 1843, paid into the hands of the Treasurer was as follows:

One year’s interest on Bond of $10,000 $545.39

The following disbursements have been made by the Treasurer under the orders of the Society:

Cash paid for donations $299.00
” ” ” traveling expenses 115.80
” ” ” dinners and wine 100.00
” ” ” Standard Staff .75
” ” ” crape 2.00
” ” ” Treasurer for investing funds 7.31
Balance due Treasurer on previous account 16.84
” in the hands of Treasurer 3.69
Total $545.39

There also remains due to Col. Scott the sum of $15 for traveling expenses in attending the meeting of the General Convention of the Society, together with the sum of $19, being the balance due for dinners, the sum of only $100 being appropriated.


The Standing Committee recommend that each of the following persons receive the sum of $23 each :

Miss Thomas; Mrs. Chandler and Mrs. Powers; Miss Stout; Miss Sproul; Miss Reckless; Miss Ogden; Mrs. Barber; Miss De Hart; Mrs. Armstrong; Mrs. Hyer; Mrs. Lloyd; Mrs. Patton; Mrs. Bayard, and Mr. Wm. B. Heard. Recommendations adopted.


The Vice-President announced to the Society the death of Genl. Ebenezer Elmer, late President of the Society and the last of the original members, and of Genl. Morgan Lewis, President-General of the Society, whereupon it was Resolved, that the usual badge of mourning be worn for thirty days.

The Society walked in procession to the First Presbyterian Church, where, after a prayer by the Revd. Dr. Murray, the Declaration of Independence was read by Col. Scott, Matthias Ogden, Esqr., having been prevented by sickness from delivering the oration, the benediction was pronounced by the Revd. Dr. Magie, after which the Society returned to their place of meeting and proceeded to business.

On motion of Genl. Wall, Resolved, that the Committee on the Trenton Monument be continued with authority to procure subscription books for and to publish an address in the name of the Society, and to take such other measures as they may deem important to the accomplishment of the object of their appointment.

On motion of Genl. Wall, Resolved that a Committee of three be appointed by the President to devise measures to erect a monument over the grave of the late President of this Society, Col. Aaron Ogden, whereupon the President appointed Genl. Wall, Genl. Dickerson and Col. Scott.

On like motion Resolved, that a Committee of three be appointed by the President to devise measures to erect a monument over the grave of the Revd. James Caldwell, who was shot by the British in the Revolutionary War. Whereupon the President appointed Gov. Pennington, Hon. Lewis Condict and Mr. Bloomfield.