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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

General Dayton, General Beatty, General Ogden, General Giles, Captain Reckless, Major Ballard, Major Shute.

Delegates to the General Society

Dr. E. Boudinot, General Beatty, General Giles, Major Cox. General Cumming.

Hereditary Members

William Hyer as the only surviving brother and male representative of Jacob Hyer, late an original member made application to be admitted a member of this Society in right of his said brother deceased. And it appearing satisfactory to the Committee that the said William Hyer is the only surviving brother of Jacob Hyer, who died without any male posterity and being a collateral branch of the said Jacob Hyer and judged worthy of becoming its supporter and member, he was admitted.


The Standing Committee report that they have examined the accounts of the Treasurer and find the permanent funds of the Society to consist of the sum of $10,000 in six per cent, stock, which have been examined and counted by the Committee and deposited in the vaults of the State Bank at Elizabeth.

The Committee further report that since the last settlement the Treasurer has received the sum of $600 which with the balance then remaining in his hands makes the sum of $1,015.94; and that there was due on the first instant the further sum of $264; and that the Treasurer has expended the sum of $478.37, leaving a balance in his hands of $547.57, which with the sum due as above on the first instant places at the disposition of the Society the sum of $811.57.

The Committee recommend that in addition to the sum of $10 advanced by and credited to the Treasurer on this day’s settlement towards defraying the expenses of the funeral of Mrs. M. Barton, the widow of Capt. Wm. Barton, there be allowed and paid the further sum of $20 to Sarah the daughter of the said deceased for the same purpose.

Ordered, That the surplus money over and above the capital of $10,000, which shall remain in the Treasurer’s hands on the rising of the Society shall be vested in the six per cent, stock of the United States by the Treasurer, and to remain as a separate fund for such purposes as may be ordered by the Society hereafter.


The Committee beg leave to recommend that the following sums be appropriated for charitable purposes, viz:

To Col. Wessel T. Stout $60.00
To Mrs. J. Elmer, for herself and children, to be placed in the hands of Genl. J. Giles for their use 60.00
To Mrs. Brooks, for herself and children, to be placed in the hands of Genl. Elmer for their use 60.00
To Lieut. Seth Bowen, the sum of
to be placed in the hands of Genl. Giles
To Mrs. Phebe Ruecastle, the widow of Lieut. John Ruecastle, the sum of 30.00

The Committee further recommend that, in addition to the sum of Ten Dollars advanced by and credited to the Treasurer on this day’s settlement towards defraying the expenses of the funeral of Mrs. Barton, the widow of Capt. Wm. Barton, there be allowed and paid the further sum of Twenty Dollars to Sarah, the daughter of the said deceased, for the same purpose. Recommendations adopted.


The President announced the death of Genl. Jonathan Rhea, a member of this Society, whereupon

Resolved, that in honor of the memory of our deceased brother, the Society will wear mourning by a crape on the left arm for the space of thirty days.

The Secretary made report that, agreeably to an order of this Society made at the last meeting, he has deposited with the Cashier of the State Bank of Elizabeth, the original diplomas mentioned in the said order and taken his receipt for the same.

And that agreeably to a like order he has delivered to Col. Ogden a blank diploma and received from him the original diploma heretofore delivered unfilled up.

Doctor Samuel M. Shute, a member of this Society, residing in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, by letter to Genl. Cumming, made an apology for his not attending the Society owing to bad health.

The Military attending for the purpose of escorting the Society, they, together with the Corporation and Citizens of the place walked in procession to the Presbyterian Church to attend the exercises of the day which, after a prayer by the Revd. Mr. McDowell and the reading of the Declaration of Independence and several anthems suitable to the occasion sung, the Society returned in the same order of procession to the place of their meeting and proceeded to business.

The orator appointed for this day not attending, by which the Society have been deprived of the benefit of an oration on this auspicious occasion, General Beatty, appointed the substitute, was called upon to know if he had prepared accordingly, he informed the Society that he had not received any notice that the orator would not be prepared with an oration agreeably to his appointment, such notice having been sent to Genl. Ogden by mistake.

Major Cox by letter apologized for his non-attendance on account of the illness of his daughter.

Shepard Kollock, Esq., one of the members of right of this Society, having stated that he has not hitherto received a diploma, and having applied that one be filled up and delivered to him, and it further appearing that he had paid his quota of the arrears due the Society, it is recommended agreeable to one of our standing rules that his request be granted accordingly.

General Beatty reported that the copies of the Constitution of the Society in unbound sheets were placed in his hands by General Rhea and remain with him.

Resolved, that the same be delivered to the Secretary of the Society.