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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Colonel Ogden, General Cnmming, General Giles, Colonel Beatty, Dr. Elmer, Colonel Rhea and Mr. George C. Barber.

Delegates to the General Society

Governor Bloomfield, Colonel Ogden, General Cumming, General Beatty, Rev. Mr. Armstrong.

Hereditary Members

Mr. Alexander Ross made application to be admitted as a member of this Society in the room of Major John Ross, deceased, and it appeared that the said Alexander Ross, the son of the said Major John Ross, deceased, being a reputable and virtuous citizen had a just claim to such admission. He was admitted.

Mr. Daniel L. Morrison sent in a petition and memorial requesting to be admitted a member of this Society in the right of his father. Captain Isaac Morrison, but it appeared to the committee that Captain Isaac Morrison was never entitled to membership in this Society, therefore, the petition of his son could not be granted.


The Standing Committee reported that they have examined the Treasurer’s books and accounts, and find the several following sums, which are vested in the public stock of the United States, viz. : $300 in eight per cent, stock, $8,359.76 in old six per cent, stock, being in value at this time, $5,430.58; $4,439.13 in deferred six per cent, stock, being in value at this time, $3,799.20, making a total value of $9,529.78 real stock, which makes an increase of capital of $331.10 since the last annual meeting. In which sum is included, $889.80 deferred six per cent, stock, being the produce of $750, interest and principal of former stock.

The Treasurer has paid out since the last meeting of the Society, the sum of $276.37, and there now remains of cash in his hands, $170.16.


The Standing Committee reported that a representation had been made to them that Mrs. Howell, the widow of the late Governor Howell, Mrs. Elmer, the widow of the late Capt. Eli Elmer, and the wife and children of Ensign Almarin Brooks, are in unpleasant circumstances as to the means of supporting and educating their children which, from their number and time of life, are more and more expensive.

It was Resolved, that the sum of one hundred dollars be placed in the hands of the Reverend Andrew Hunter for the use of the said Mrs. Howell and her children, and that one hundred dollars be placed in the hands of General James Giles for Mrs. Elmer and her children, and that fifty dollars be placed in the hands of Dr. Ebenezer Elmer for the use of Mrs. Brooks and her children, and that the sums above mentioned be paid by the Treasurer to the said Andrew Hunter, James Giles and Ebenezer Elmer, and that they be responsible respectively for the proper appropriation of the same.


The Society proceeded in procession to the Presbyterian Church where prayers and thanksgiving to Almighty God were made by the Rev. Mr. McDowell[1].

The Declaration of Independence was read by the Secretary, an oration delivered by the Honorable Judge Pennington and a number of appropriate hymns composed for the occasion were sung.

The Society returned to the hotel where they were to dine and proceeded to attend to the further business of their meeting.

Resolved, that the thanks of the Society be given to Judge Pennington for his oration, and that he be requested to furnish a copy to be kept among the archives of the Society.

Resolved, that every member of the Society be at liberty to invite to dine with this Society at their anniversary meetings, the person whom he expects to represent him after his decease, provided there be nothing improper in the character of the person to be introduced, of which the committee of arrangements shall judge.

[1] Rev. John McDowell (1780 – 1863) served as pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Elizabethtown, New Jersey from 1804 until 1833. He married Henrietta Kollock, daughter of member Shepard Kollock, and would later adopt his sister’s nephew John, who would go on to represent his grandfather in the Society.