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Second Lieutenant William Sanford Pennington

Original Member, admitted 1783

Second Lieutenant William Pennington

Began his service in the Revolutionary War as Sergeant in the 2nd Continental Artillery 7 Mar 1777. 2nd Lieutenant 12 Sep 1778. Present at the execution of Major André. Wounded at the Battle of Yorktown. Served to Jun 1783. Born in Newark, NJ in 1757 and died in Newark, NJ on 17 or 18 Sep 1826. Attorney and member of the Bar 1802. After the Revolution served as Lieutenant in the US Infantry Regiment 18 Aug 1784 till he resigned on 24 Nov 1785. Captain by Brevet. Worked as a hatter. Member of the New Jersey General Assembly 1797-1799. Member of the Council (New Jersey Senate) 1801-1802. Clerk of Essex County, NJ 1803-1804. US District Attorney for New Jersey 1803-1804. Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court 1805-1813. Governor and Chancellor of New Jersey 1813-1815. During his tenure war issues were dealt with, including strengthening coastal defenses. Judge of the US District Court for New Jersey 1815-1826. Author of “New Jersey Supreme Court Reports 1803-1816”. Married 1st Phoebe Wheeler in 1786 and 2nd Elizabeth (Peirson) Pierson. [Sources: M; H; (66); (98); (C);; “National Cyclopaedia of American Biography”, vol. 5, 1897. Pic: (J)]

William Pennington is currently unrepresented in the Society of the Cincinnati. Eligible descendants are encouraged to make inquiry regarding membership.