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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

* Resolved, That the President be authorized to draw on the Treasurer for the expenses of this meeting in the usual manner as at our anniversary meeting.

* Resolved unanimously, that the thanks of the Society be presented to the President for convening the members at this place, for the purpose of meeting General Lafayette, their friend and compatriot.

* Note. — This was for a special meeting held at Trenton September 25, 1824, to meet Major General Lafayette.— W. T. B. S. Imlay, Secretary.

These notes, included with records of the preceding annual meeting, are all that was officially recorded by the Society upon the visit of Marquis de Lafayette to Trenton, N. J. on September 25th, 1824 during his tour of America, though the minutes of the annual meeting of 1825 reference a “report of the Standing Committee of
the 25th September, 1824” relating to the membership application of Francis Barber Ogden and Joseph Warren Scott. Following an elaborate public ceremony by the citizens and dignitaries, the “Trenton Federalist” reported that Lafayette attended a “handsome Entertainment ordered by the New Jersey Society of Cincinnati at the City Tavern” and spent most of the evening there in fellowship with his fellow Cincinnati.