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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

General Giles, Captain William Tuttle, Colonel Kinney, Robert H. Cumming, Robert L. Armstrong, John A. Hendry, General E, B. Dayton.

Hereditary Members

William Shute having made application to the Standing Committee for admission to membership in right of his deceased father, Enoch Shute, who was the brother and successor as a member of the Society, of Doctor Samuel Shute, deceased, the Committee beg leave to decline forming any opinion upon this application, and refer the same to the Society for their decision, with the certificates accompanying the same.

Resolved, that the consideration of the application of William Shute for membership be postponed to the next meeting of the Society; and further that a committee of three persons be appointed by the Society to report to the next meeting whether the said William Shute be strictly entitled to membership as successor of his father, Enoch Shute, deceased, who was admitted as successor of his brother Samuel M. Shute, deceased, an original member, or whether the right remains in the Society to choose between the said William Shute the applicant and any other brother of Samuel M. Shute, deceased, and that the President, the Vice-President and Robt. L. Armstrong, Esq., be the Committee for that purpose.

George Washington Ford, having at this time renewed his application for admission to membership, as eldest son of Major Mahlon Ford, and having satisfactorily shown to the Society that the original subscription has been paid by his father, it was Resolved, that he be admitted accordingly in right of his said father. Major Mahlon Ford.

The Society having taken up the report of the Standing Committee of the 25th September, 1824, which relates to the application of Francis Barber Ogden and Joseph Warren Scott.

Resolved, that Francis B. Ogden be admitted a member of this Society as successor of his brother, George Montgomery Ogden, now deceased.

And that Joseph Warren Scott be also admitted a member under the right of his father, the late Moses Scott, who was a Senior Surgeon and Physician in the Army of the Revolution, upon his complying with the requirements suggested in the Committee’s report. They were admitted.

The Standing Committee report the application of Joseph Ellis Bloomfield for admission to membership, as successor to General Joseph Bloomfield, the said applicant being the eldest son of Samuel Bloomfield, the only brother of said General Bloomfield, who died without issue. And the said Standing Committee report that the said J. Ellis Bloomfield is entitled to membership and ought to be received as a member of the Society; he being by them deemed worthy thereof. He was admitted.


It was ordered that the Treasurer pay to Wm. Shute for his attendance on the Society at this time, the same rate for milage as if he were a member of this Society.

The Standing Committee made the following report : That they have examined the accounts of the Treasurer and find the permanent funds of the Society to consist of the sum of $10,000 in six per cent, stock of the United States.

The Treasurer has received $600, which with the balance then on hand of $760.23, amounts to the sum of $1,360.23, and that there was due on the first day of this present month of July, the further sum of $150. The Treasurer has expended the sum of $816.87, leaving a balance in his hands of $543.36, exclusive of the $150 due the first instant.


The Standing Committee recommend that the following sums be appropriated for charitable purposes to Mary Hendr}’, widow of Capt. Samuel Hendry; Mrs. Seely, widow of the late Samuel Seely; Mrs. Armstrong, widow of the late Revd. Dr. Armstrong; Mrs. Brooks, widow of the late Major Almarine Brooks; and Colonel Whitlock, an original member of this Society, $40 each.


The President announced the death of the following members, viz : General Jonathan Dayton and Captain James Anderson. Resolved, that in honor of the memory of our deceased brethern, the Society will wear mourning by a crape on the left arm for the space of thirty days.

The Society, together with the Citizens, walked in procession to the Presbyterian Church, to attend the exercises appointed for the day, when, after a prayer by the Revd. Mr. Sargent and the reading of the Declaration of Independence, an address was delivered by the Revd. Dr. Rudd. The exercises being ended, the Society returned in the same order of procession to the place of their sitting and proceeded to business.

Resolved, that the thanks of this Society be presented to the Revd. Dr. Rudd, for the truly appropriate address publicly delivered by him before the Society this day, and that he be respectfully requested to deliver a copy thereof to the Secretary, to be preserved among the archives of the Society.

Resolved, that a Committee be appointed to call upon the administrators to the estate of Genl. Jonathan Dayton, and respectfully to request of them, the diplomas belonging to this Society, which were in his possession at the time of his death and that Genl. Elmer and Genl. Beatty be the Committee.