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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

Colonel Scott, Mr. Stout, Col. Armstrong, General Wall, Mr. Thomas, Captain DeHart, Mr. Lloyd.


The Standing Committee reported that they have examined the accounts of the Treasurer and find the permanent fund of the Society heretofore invested and reported to the Society the same as last year.

The Treasurer has paid out of the money received by him for the expenses of last year as follows : For the traveling expenses of the members at the meeting of Elizabeth Town in 1837, $97; for the expenses of the Society at the said meeting, $93; for the donation to the widows and others, $240; for the standard of the Society, the sum of $75.

The Treasurer has received as interest, $506.25. There was prior to the receipt of the interest a balance in the hands of the Treasurer of $52.15. The Standing Committee estimate that there is in the Treasury of the annual income of the Society, subject to the order of the Society for charitable purposes, $360.


The Standing Committee recommend that $25 be donated to the following applicants who have made application to them for relief, to wit : Mrs. Barber, widow of Geo. C. Barber; Mrs. Williamson, daughter of Major Wm. Shute; Mrs. Seely; Mrs. Hendry; Miss Whitlock; Miss De Hart; Miss Ogden, daughter of Col. Ogden ; Miss Stout, daughter of Col. W. T. Stout ; Miss Reckless, daughter of A. W. Reckless ; Wm. Hyer ; Miss Sproul, daughter of Moses Sproul, and Miss Kinney, daughter of Colonel Kinney.

Report adopted.


In the absence of Genl. Elmer, the Vice-President, it was on motion Resolved, that Major Shute be appointed Vice-President pro tem.

The Military attending, the Society, together with the Citizens, walked in procession to the State House, to attend the exercises appointed for the day when, after a prayer and the reading of the Declaration of Independence by J. W. Scott, Esq., an oration was delivered by Robert D. Spencer, Esq., who had been previously appointed for that purpose.

The exercises being ended, the Society returned to the place of their meeting and proceeded to business.

Resolved, that the thanks of the Society be presented to the orator and that he furnish a copy of his oration to be deposited in the archives of the Society.