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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

On motion it was resolved that the institution as altered and amended by the general society at their first meeting be adopted.

General Dayton, Colonel Ogden, Mr. Boudinot, Captain Dayton, Captain Ogden, Mr. Brearley, and Mr. Bloomfield were appointed a Committee to draw up and present to the Society at their next meeting a set of By-laws.

Captain Dayton, Mr. Boudinot, Colonel Brearley, Major Bloomfield and General Forman were elected delegates to the General Society.

Doctor George Campbell was proposed as a member and his reasons for not signing the institution within the limited time being satisfactory, he was admitted.

The Society agreed that the allowance to their delegates in the General Society shall be $3 per day in lieu of all expenses, to be paid on warrant from the President out of the Contingent Fund.


The institution of the Society was read agreeably to order.

On motion it was agreed that the Revd. Mr. Hunter be requested to procure 80 diplomas on parchment agreeable to the institution, and that every member advance him one dollar for defraying the expenses arising thereon. And that each member, who is not present, and who has not made the advance, do it previous to his receiving his diploma.

The Committee appointed to reclaim instructions for the representatives of this State meeting in the General Society to be held on the first Monday in May next, upon deliberate consideration, are of opinion that unless charters of incorporation be obtained from the legislatures of the respective states, the Society of Cincinnati must by the common course of nature, in a few years be at an end, therefor in order to place the future existence of the Society upon a more stable foundation your committee beg leave to report the following draught of instructions for the representatives.

To Jonathan Dayton, Esqr., the Honorable David Brearly, Esqr., Elias Boudinot, Joseph Bloomfield and David Foreman, Esquires, representatives of the Cincinnati of the State of New Jersey in General Society.


Although this Society have agreed to adopt the Institution of the Society of the Cincinnati as altered and amended at their first general meeting, yet we are of opinion that some more effectual mode for perpetuating the same should be fallen on than that proposed; we do, therefore, instruct you Gentlemen to concur in or propose and by all proper means which may be in your power, endeavor to obtain such an amendment to the institution of the General Society, that in case of the death or expulsion of any of the present members thereof, provision may be made for the supplying such vacancy by an election to be made by the state meeting of that state wherein the same shall happen, at their next or some subsequent meeting thereafter Which was unanimously agreed to.

Resolved, that the Vice-President be appointed to write to the several state Societies and inform them that the Society of this State has adopted the institution as altered and amended at the general meeting of the Society, of the Cincinnati in May, 1784, and to accompany the same with the instructions this Society has given their representatives in the next meeting of the General Society.