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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

The Committee appointed to examine into and report upon the circular letter addressed by the general society made their report in the words following.

That they have carefully examined the letter referred to them and have paid particular attention to the material alterations recommended to the state societies which appear to be

1st. The entire abolition of the hereditary succession.

2nd. The renouncing all interference with political subjects as an object of the Society’s attention.

3d. The placing of the funds under the immediate cognizance of the legislature, who should be requested to grant a charter for the more effectually carrying on humane designs into execution. Your committee have deliberately considered the several reasons assigned for the alterations recommended in the said letter, and although they do sincerely lament the mistaken,unreasonable and false jealousies that have prevailed among their fellow citizens relative to a plan for cementing and preserving that love and affection originally founded in our common danger, promoted by our mutual wants and dependence, and often sealed with our blood; a plan so clearly founded on the most natural and rational friendship, calculated to confirm those humane and benevolent principles arising from the love of our/country, and an ardent desire to encourage posterity to support and defend that liberty which we have purchased at so high a price. Yet your Committee on a full consideration of all circumstances, and being convinced of the prudence and necessity of taking things as they are and not as they wish them to be, are constrained to recommend to the Society one more sacrifice to the shrine of liberty and peace of our fellow citizens.

The happiness and welfare of our country assailed by a powerful and warlike nation first led us to risk life, property, and every domestic comfort, in the common cause. What has been gained by our blood should not be again endangered by trifles. The satisfaction and ease of our fellow citizens, however, unreasonable their disquietude, demand the self-denying act; and therefore your committee do recommend a compliance with the first recommendation of the general society.

As to the 2nd — hard indeed it is that those who have shared so largely in the risk and expense of rearing the political fabric should be now debarred from being solicitously careful as a society for its support and preservation; especially when so little system appears in the measures taken for the valuable end. But your committee being fully sensible that a compliance with this article can only affect us as a society, and not as individual citizens, for though our love to our country may lead us even to an unreasonable sacrifice as a society, yet we individually remain citizens- at-large, and cannot as such be deprived of an active part in the political exertions necessary for preserving in purity the constitution that has been founded in so much wisdom and disinterested patriotism ; they do therefore recommend that the society, under these circumstances, should also conform to this article of recommendation.

The last recommendation your committee more cheerfully report upon to the society.

They cannot but approve of every constitutional check that can be required by their fellow-citizens.

The people have a right by their representatives to the knowledge of every political body within the state; and being perfectly satisfied with the purity of the society’? intentions they earnestly recommend the submitting their funds and indeed their political existence to the laws of their country.

Your Committee have also as far as was practicable endeavored to form a judgment whether a charter agreeable to the plan as reformed, may be obtained from the legislature of New Jersey, and although it is difficult to draw any positive conclusion from the sentiments of members who, though now in the legislature may at the next session be reduced into the mass of citizens by a new choice, yet from the reasonableness and propriety of the request they are of opinion that a proper charter may be obtained on a formal application therefor.

The determination of the report was postponed until the next meeting.


Captain Jacob Piatt was proposed as a member and his reasons for not signing the institution within the limited time being satisfactory, he was admitted.

Captain Howell was proposed as a member, and the Society being satisfied with his reasons for not signing the institution within the limited time, he was admitted.


On motion the Treasurer was directed to exchange the notes in his hands, which do not draw interest from the State Treasury, with the members of the Society for those which do.

April To Amount of Interest as per endorsement on Sundry Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20.72
July 5 To cash recd, on account of expenses of the representation in General Society 46.60 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $46.60

July 5 By cash paid Mr. Blair by order for advertising the meeting of the Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00


The Society met according to adjournment, and finding that some members had absented themselves without leave, took the same into consideration and after some time spent thereon, reported that no members hereafter shall absent themselves from the Society after their session has begun without leave first obtained of the Society, if sitting, or of the President in the recess of the Society, until it be regularly adjourned for the session, under the penalty of four dollars.

The Society went into the consideration of the report made by the committee respecting the alterations and amendments of the original institution made by the general Society, and after some time spent therein, it was agreed to postpone the determination till the next meeting.

A motion was made and seconded that the President be empowered and instructed to correspond with the Presidents of the State Societies on the subject of proposed alterations in the institution previous to the next annual meeting, for the purpose of finally determining on the said alterations; and that the President be authorized to call a special meeting if he shall judge it necessary, which was carried in the affirmative.