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Major Richard Howell

Original Member, admitted 1783

Major Richard Howell

Participated on board the ship ‘Greyhound’ in Greenwich, NJ on 22 Dec 1774 and the burning of a cargo of tea. Began his service in the Revolutionary War as Captain of the 2nd New Jersey Militia Regiment from 1774-1775. Captain in the 2nd Regiment NJ Line 29 Nov 1775. Present at the Battle of Ticonderoga and distinguished himself in the attack on Quebec. Brigade-Major to General Stark‚Äôs Brigade 4 Sep 1776. Major in the 2nd Regiment New Jersey Line 28 Nov 1776. Major in 1776 and was in command of his regiment until 1779. Wounded at the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. Served at Valley Forge. Retired from service on 7 Apr 1779. Born in Newark, New Castle County, DE on 23 Oct 1754 and died in Trenton, NJ on 28 Apr 1802. Twin brother of Lewis Howell. Before the Revolution was in command a Company of Grenadiers. Studied Law. Attorney. Member of the New Jersey State Convention 1787. Clerk of the New Jersey Supreme Court 1788-1793. Third Governor and Chancellor of New Jersey 1794-1802. In Command of the New Jersey Troops during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 while he was Governor and commanded the right wing of the army on the expedition to Pennsyvania. Resumed his legal career. Grandfather of Varina Banks Howell, the wife of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America. Freemason and Past Master of Trenton Lodge #5. Married Keziah Burr in Nov 1799. [Sources: M; H; (66); (98); (C); “A History of St. Michael’s Church, Trenton”, by Hamilton Schuyler, 1926; Pic: (J).]


Rear Admiral John Cumming Howell
(1819 — 1892)
Admitted 1872
The Reverend Richard Lewis Howell
Great grandson
(1859 — 1901)
Admitted 1894
John King Howell
(1899 — 1954)
Admitted 1945
John King Howell Jr.
(1933 — 1986)
Admitted 1955
Admitted 1988
Admitted 2002