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Major John Beatty MD

Original Member, admitted 1787

Major John Beatty, MD
3rd Treasurer of the New Jersey Society 1823-1826

3rd Treasurer of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati
In office
1823 — 1826
Preceded by Erkuries Beatty
Succeeded by Ebenezer Elmer

Began his service in the Revolutionary War as Captain in the 5th PA Battalion 5 Jan 1776. Major of the 6th PA Regiment 12 Oct 1776. Taken prisoner at the Battle of Fort Washington 16 Nov 1776 and exchanged 8 May 1778. Major of the 6th PA 1 Jan 1777 then Colonel and succeeded Elias Boudinot as Commissary General of Prisoners 28 May 1778 until he resigned from service 31 Mar 1780. 3rd Treasurer of the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey 1823-1825. Born in Hartsville, PA on 10 Dec 1749 and died in Trenton, NJ on 30 May 1826. Princeton AB Degree 1769 and MA Degree 1772. Studied medicine under Dr. Benjamin Rush in Philadelphia in 1770. Delegate to the Continental Congress 1783-1785.Delegate to the Constitutional Convention. Member of the New Jersey Conventionto ratify the US Constitution of 1787. Delegate to the NJ State ConstitutionalConvention 1787. Member of the US Congress from New Jersey 1793-1795 and1795-1797. Member of the NJ General Assembly 1789-1790 and Speaker of theAssembly 1789. Member of the NJ State Council 1781-1783. Secretary of State forNJ 1795-1805. Brigadier General of the Somerset Militia 1793-1796 and1823-1826. Member of the Medical Society of New Jersey 1773. First President ofthe Medical Society of New Jersey after the Revolutionary War in 1782. Trusteeof Princeton 1785-1802 and Treasurer 1787-1788. Trustee of Princeton Seminary1822-1826. President of the Trenton Banking Company 1815-1826 after the deathof Jonathan Rhea. President of the Trenton Delaware Bridge Company in 1803.Freemason. Past Master of Trenton Lodge #5 and Grand Master of the Grand Lodgeof New Jersey 1791-1793 and 1801-1804. Married 1st Mary Longstreet on22 Mar 1774 and 2nd Mrs. Kitty Lalor in 1818. [Sources:; ; (66); (98); (C);;;Famous New Jersey Masons. Pic: Find A Grave Memorial.]


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