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The Honorable Horatio Seymour

Hereditary Member, admitted 1885

The Honorable Horatio Seymour

Grandson of propositus Jonathan Forman. Born in Pompey Hill, NY on 31 May 1810 and died in Utica, NY on 12 Feb 1886. Served as the Military Secretary of Governor Marcy 1833-1839. Attended Middletown Military Academy 1825 and studied Law at Utica, NY. Attorney and member of the Bar in 1832. Member of the New York State Assembly in 1842 and 1844 and was Speaker of the Assembly in 1845. Instrumental in obtaining approval by the New York Legislature for the Erie Canal. Mayor of Utica, NY 1842-1843. Governor of New York 1853-1854. Opposed the Temperance Movement on constitutional grounds. Strong pro-Union Governor again 1863-1864. Governor during the time of the Draft Riots in New York City on 15 Jul 1863 and appeared personally to try to quell the violence. Arrived in the city on the 14th and divided the city into districts under the command of the military. The military men were ordered to organize the citizens and 3,000 stand of arms were issued.Visited the riotous districts in person. Addressed the rioters in front of City Hall. In 48 hours the riot was put down, but many rioters were shot. Delegate to the Democratic National Conventions of 1852, and 1856 and Presided at the Conventions of 1864 and 1868. Democratic nominee for US President in 1868 but was defeated by Ulysses Grant. Aided reformers in expelling Tweed from the Democratic Organization in the 1870s. After he retired from politics he became known as “The Sage of Deerfield”. Attended Geneva Academy(now Hobart College) in 1824. President of the National Dairymen’s Association and President of the Prison Association of the United States. Married Mary Bleecker in 1835. [Sources: ; 998); (C);Find A Grave Memorial; Obit. “New York Times” newspaper 13 Feb 1886. Pic:Find A Grave Memorial.]

Mr. Seymour was the grandson of Jonathan Forman.



Jonathan Forman
Original Member
( — )
The Honorable Horatio Seymour
(1810 — 1886)
Admitted 1885


Horatio Seymour
Great grandson
(1844 — 1907)
Admitted 1887
Horatio Seymour III
(1883 — 1952)
Admitted 1907
Admitted 1952
Admitted 2011
Admitted 2022