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Meetings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey

Standing Committee

General Beatty, General Doughty, Colonel Beatty, Major Ballard, Major Shute, Major Kinney, Captain I. Shute.

Delegates to the General Society

General J. Dayton, General Bloomfield, General Beatty, General Cummings, Colonel Ogden.


The Standing Committee reported that the Treasurer’s accounts were examined and they find the sum of $5,373.46 of six per cent, stock, and the sum of $2,173.37 of the deferred debt of the United States, now bearing an interest of six per cent., anrl the sum of $9.98 of three per cent. ; also the sum of $300 of the eight per cent, stock. It also appears that the sum of $316.50 in cash has been placed in the hands of Maj. McEwen, of Philadelphia for the purpose of purchasing stock for the benefit of the Society. The Treasurer has expended since the last meeting the sum of $175.71, exclusive of the money mentioned as placed in the hands of Maj. McEwen. The sum of $69, the balance of cash, now remains in his hands.


Jonathan Rhea reports that he has received of the Treasurer the sum of twenty dollars, ordered to be applied towards the education of the children of Lieut. Abraham Stout, and that he had forwarded the said sum of twenty dollars together with an extract from the minutes, unto Mr. John Hunt of Kentucky.

Major Shute reported that he received twenty dollars from Major Cox, Treasurer, for the purpose of applying the same for the education of the children of the late Captain W. Piatt. He, upon inquiry, finds that the male children of the late Captain Piatt are not within his reach to afford the relief contemplated by the resolution of this Society; that there is one male child now living- with his mother who is fully able to afford him the necessary aid.

Ordered that Major Shute pay back the money into the Treasury.


It appearing to the Society that the rule directing- the President to give public notification of the death of any member is not calculated to answer the good purpose intended; therefore Resolved, that such part of the standing rules of the Society as made it the duty of the President to cause a public notification to be made of the death of any of their members occurring under certain circumstances, be rescinded.

Resolved, that in honor of the memory of our deceased friends and brethern, Col. Chilian Ford and Capt. Jonathan Phillips, the Society wear mourning for the usual time by a crape on the left arm.

Resolved unanimously, that General Bloomfield, Genl. Jonathan Dayton and Col. Ogden be a committee to prepare for the press and to cause to be published a handsome edition of one hundred and fifty copies of the Constitution of the General Society, the By-Laws of the State Society, the names of the several members with such additions as may appear to them proper, together with the testimonial to the memory of Genl. George Washington as communicated by the last general meeting, and that the Treasurer be authorized to pay the expenses attending the same upon the order of any two of said Committee, approved by the President.

Resolved, that invitations to dine with the Society be hereafter confined to the public and principal officers of the General and State Governments, the clergy and members of other State Societies, and that they be made by or under the direction of the President only.

The Society withdrew to attend in the church for prayers and to hear the annual oration delivered by Genl. Beatty.