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Brigadier General David Forman

Honorary Member, admitted 1783
Original Member, admitted 1787

Brigadier General David Forman
3rd Vice-President of the New Jersey Society 1791-1793

3rd Vice-President of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati
In office
1791 — 1793
Preceded by David Brearly
Succeeded by Joseph Bloomfield

Member of the Committee of Observation Monmouth County, NJ on 6 Mar 1775. Began his service in the Revolutionary War as Lt. Colonel of a Battalion of Heards Brigade, NJ State Troops Jun 1776, then Colonel. Suppressed the Loyalist uprising in Monmouth County in 1776. Colonel in command of the New Jersey Militia 25 Jun 1776 and at the Battle of Germantown. Colonel of one of the 16 Additional Continental Regiments, Formans Additional Continental Regiment 12 Jan 1777 to 1 Jul 1778. Brigadier General, NJ Militia 5 Mar 1777. Commanded the NJ State Troops to the end of the war. Vice-President of the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey in 1791-1793. Born in Englishtown, NJ on 13 Nov 1745 and died in Natchez, MS 12 Sep 1797. The nickname given him by Loyalists was Black David for the harsh treatment he meted out in suppressing Tories. A leader of the Committee of Retaliation, a vigilante group formed in 1780. Brigadier General of the NJ Militia. By Jun 1780 organized intelligence detachments along the New Jersey coast. Gathered information about the movements of British ships near New York. Dispatches were sent to General Washington when ships were sighted. Educated at Princeton. After the Revolutionary War he was Judge of the Monmouth County Court of Common Pleas in 1781 and a Member of the New Jersey State Council 1780-1785. Freemason and member of Trinity Lodge #3 in Freehold, NJ. Married Ann Marsh in 1767. [Sources: ; ; (66); (98); (C); "Who Was Who in American History"; "Who Was Who in the American Revolution;; "Brigadier General Forman: Service in the American Revolution", by William Forman, Jr.. Pic: (J).]


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