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Colonel David Brearly Jr.

Original Member, admitted 1783

Colonel David Brearly, Jr.
2nd Vice-President of the New Jersey Society 1783-1790

2nd Vice-President of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati
In office
1783 — 1790
Preceded by Jonathan Forman
Succeeded by David Forman

Was arrested by British Forces in 1775 and charged with high treason, but before his trial he was freed by his fellow citizens. Began his service in the Revolutionary War as Captain in the 2nd Regiment NJ Line 28 Oct 1775 to Nov 1776. Also served as Colonel in the 2nd Regiment Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia. Active in guarding New Jersey’s shoreline before transferring to Manhattan for the closing phases of the fight for New York City. Lt. Colonel in the 4th Regiment NJ Line 28 Nov 1776. Engaged in the Battle of Chad’s Ford and the Battle of Germantown. Transferred to the 1st Regiment NJ Line 1 Jan 1777. Served at Valley Forge. Part of the advanced guard at the Battle of Monmouth. Resigned from Continental service 4 Aug 1779. Resumed command of the 2nd Regiment,Monmouth County, NJ Militia. Second Vice President of the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey 1783-1790. Born in Laurenceville, NJ on 11 Jun 1745 and died in Trenton, NJ on 16 Aug 1790. Attended Princeton but did not graduate. Honorary MA Degree from Princeton 1781. Delegate to the Convention in 1776 to draft a new Constitution for New Jersey. Member of the US Constitutional Convention 1787 and a Signer of the United States Constitution. An ardent supporter of The New Jersey Plan to protect the rights of smaller states. Along with Jonathan Dayton and two other Cincinnati members he attended both the Cincinnati Meeting and the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Chairman of the New Jersey Convention to ratify the US Constitution in 1787. Presidential Elector in the first Electoral College 1788. US Judge for the District of New Jersey 1789-1790. Member of the New Jersey Constitutional Convention. Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court 1779-1789. Delegate to the Episcopal Convention of 1786 and a compiler of the Episcopal Church prayer book. Freemason- presumed to be a member of Military Lodge #19 PA. First Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey 1786-1790. Married 1st Elizabeth Mullen in 1763 and 2nd Elizabeth Higbee in 1783. [Sources: ; ;(66); (98); (C); "A History of St. Michael’s Church, Trenton", by Hamilton Schuyler 1926;;Famous New Jersey Masons; Find A Grave Memorial; Rootsweb’s World Connect Project.Pic: "Biographical Encyclopaedia of New Jersey" p504.]


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