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Major William Kersey

Original Member, admitted 1783

Major William Kersey

Began his service in the Revolutionary War as Private and Corporal in the 3rd Regiment NJ Line Mar 1776 to May 1777. Ensign 1 May 1777 and 2nd Lieutenant 1 Nov 1777. 1st Lieutenant 30 Mar 1780. Transferred to the 1st Regiment NJ Line 1 Jan 1781. Major in the 3rd Regiment New Jersey Line. Retained and last served as 1st Lieutenant in Cummings New Jersey Continental Battalion from Apr 1783. Brevet Captain 30 Sep 1783. Served to 3 Nov 1783. Date and place of birth unknown. He was killed on 21 Mar 1800. After the Revolution he was an Ensign in the US Infantry Regiment on 12 Aug 1784 and Lieutenant in the 1st US Infantry 29 Sep 1789. Captain on 4 Jun 1791. Served with the 1st Sub-Legion on 4 Sep 1792. Major of the 4th Sub-Legion on 30 Jun 1794 and retained in the 3rd US Infantry on 1 Nov 1796. Died in a duel with Lieutenant Marks of the same regiment in Natchez, MS.

William Kersey is currently unrepresented in the Society of the Cincinnati. Eligible descendants are encouraged to make inquiry regarding membership.