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Brevet Brigadier General Matthias Ogden

Original Member, admitted 1783

Brevet Brigadier General Matthias Ogden

Began his service in the Revolutionary War with General Washington at Cambridge, MA and accompanied Benedict Arnold as Brigade Major in the march through Kennebunk Woods and the attack on Quebec where he was severely wounded in the shoulder on 31 Dec 1775. Lt. Colonel in the 1st New Jersey on 7 Mar 1776. He was Colonel on 1 Jan 1777. Served at Valley Forge. Taken prisoner at Elizabethtown, NJ on 5 Oct 1780 and exchanged in Apr 1781. He originated and commanded the unsuccessful attempt to capture Prince William Henry (afterward William IV), in March 1782. Prince William Henry and Admiral Digby were aboard a British ship in New York Harbor. After the unsuccessful attempt the Prince was transferred to the flagship Bonfleur and sailed to the West Indies. Matthias served as Brevet Brigadier General of the 1st Regiment New Jersey Line 30 Sep 1783. Granted leave by Congress to visit Europe on 21 Apr 1783 which was the last of his service. While in Europe traveled to france and was presented to the King by General Lafayette and received from Louis XVI the honor of Le Droit du Tabouret. Born in Elizabethtown, NJ on 22 Oct 1754 and died in Elizabethtown, NJ on 31 Mar 1791. Attended Princeton College. Member of the New Jersey Legislative Council 1785. Presidential Elector 1789. Freemason and member of Pennsylvania Military Lodge #36 which was established by officers of the New Jersey Brigade. Married Hannah Dayton in Apr 1776. [Sources: M; H; (66); (98); (C); Find A Grave Memorial; “National Cyclopaedia of American Biography”, Volume 4; “Drake’s Distionary of American Biography”, 1872; “Who Was Who in the American Revolution. Pic: Painting of Matthias holding the dying General Montgomery in the painting “Death of Montgomery” by Jonathan Trumbull; “The Colonial Newsletter” June 1988, page 1032.]


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The Honorable Francis Barber Ogden II
(1839 — 1891)
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