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Colonel John Philip De Haas


Colonel John Philip de Haas

Born in 1735 in Holland. Died 3 Jun 1786 in Philadelphia, PA. Commissioned Ensign in the Provincial Battalion on 18 Dec 1757, under Governor William Denny, in the French and Indian War. Stationed on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River at Fort Augusta. Promoted to Adjutant of the 1st Battalion, Colonel John Armstrong commanding, on 30 Apr 1758. Took part in the Forbes Expedition against the French at Fort Duquesne. Fought in the Battle of Bushy Run. Promoted to Captain in the PA Regiment, under Colonel James Burd, 28 Apr 1760, and stationed at Fort Henry. Promoted to major of the PA Regiment, 1st Battalion, 9 Jun 1764, and marched to Pittsburgh. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War was Chairman of a Committee to collect contributions for the suffering of the Port of Boston, on 25 Jun

1774. Raised a Company of Militia in May 1775. In the Fall of 1775, was elected Colonel of the 1st PA Battalion, but resigned on 20 Jan 1776. On 22 Feb 1776 was appointed Colonel of the 1st PA Battalion, and marched to Quebec. Served at Ticonderoga and Fort George. Promoted to Brigadier General of the 2nd PA Regiment on 21 Feb 1777, and served until the close of the Revolutionary War. On 21 Jul 1765, was appointed Justice of the Peace and Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for Lancaster County, PA. Married Eleanor Bingham. [Sources: M; “Life and Service of General John Philip de Haas 1735-1786” by Hess, Lebanon County Historical Society, Vol. XV, No. 1, 1976.]


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