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Major Jeremiah Ballard

Original Member, admitted 1783

Major Jeremiah Ballard
6th Vice-President of the New Jersey Society 1822-1823

6th Vice-President of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati
In office
1822 — 1823
Preceded by John Noble Cumming
Succeeded by Ebenezer Elmer

Began his service in the Revolutionary War as 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Thomas Reading’s Company in the 3rd Regiment NJ Line 2 Apr 1776. 1st Lieutenant 29 Nov 1776 in Captain John Doughty‘s Company. Captain on 26 Oct 1777. Transferred to the 2nd Regiment NJ Line 1 Jan 1781. Served to Apr 1783. Vice-President of the Society of the Cincinnati in New Jersey 1822-1823. Born in Sep 1748 and died in Elizabeth, NJ on 4 Sep 1825. Major in the New Jersey Militia. Recorder of Elizabeth, NJ 1796. Deputy Mayor of Elizabeth, NJ 1801. Mayor of Elizabeth, NJ for nearly 30 years 1796-1823 and Magistrate of Union County, NJ for over 30 years. Chief Magistrate of Elizabeth, NJ.