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His Excellency Jean-Adrien-Antoine-Jules Jusserand LLD

Honorary Member, admitted 1911

His Excellency Jean-Adrien-Antoine-Jules Jusserand, LLD

Born in Lyons, France on 18 Feb 1855 and died in Paris, France on 18 Jul 1932. Two BA Degrees from the College des Chartreaux, Lyons, France. Licienc en Droit (Legal) Degree from Paris University. Served in the French Diplomatic Service from 1876. In 1878 was Consul in London, England. He then spent an interval in Tunis and Constantinople. In 1887-1890 was again in the French Embassy in London as Councillor. Foreign Minister to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1890- 1894 and 1898-1902. Transferred to Washington, DC from 1902 to 1925. French Ambassador to the United States during World War I 1903-1925. During the Polish-Soviet War he took a Diplomatic Mission to the 2nd Polish Republic. Author of “With Americans of Past and Present”, 1916, for which he received the first Pulitzer Prize for History. Also author of “English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages”, 1889; “Shakespeare in France”, 1898; “A Literary History of the English People”, 1914 for which he received the Bordin Prize from the French Academy and “What Me Befell”, 1933. Close friend of President Theodore Roosevelt. The only non-American to head the American Historical Society. Received Honorary LLD Degrees from 16 Universities, including Yale. His memorial in Washington, DC was dedicated in 1936 with President Franklin D. Roosevelt as speaker, and was the first memorial erected on Federal property to a foreign diplomat. The memorial dedicated to him in is in Rockcreek Park. [Sources: M; (C); Wikipedia;; Jean Jules Jusserand Memorial- Google Earth Explorer. Pic: Wikimedia commons.]