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The Honorable Frederick Theodore Frelinghuysen LLD

Honorary Member, admitted 1863

The Honorable Frederick Theodore Frelinghuysen, LLD

Born in Millstone, NJ on 4 Aug 1817 and died in Newark, NJ on 20 or 30 May 1885. Rutgers College BA Degree 1836 and AM Degree 1839. Attorney. Member of the Bar 1839. City Attorney of Newark, NJ 1849. Member of the Newark City Council 1850. Helped found the Republican Party in New Jersey. Attorney General of New Jersey 1861-1866. Representative to the Peace Conference in Washington, DC in 1861. US Senator from New Jersey 1866-1869 and 1871-1877. US Secretary of State 1881-1885. During this time the US obtained Pearl Harbor in Hawaii as a US Naval Base and the United States opened treaty relations with Korea in 1882. Member of the Electoral Commission to decide the election in favor of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877. Rutgers Trustee 1851-1885. Princeton LLD Degree 1864. President of the American Bible Society 1884-1885. The American Bible Society sent Dr. Elijah Bridgman, the first Protestant missionary, to China in 1834. A statue of Frederick stands in Military Park in Newark, NJ. Married Matilde E. Griswold on 25 Jan 1842. His seat in the society was declared vacant in 1866. [Sources: (66); (98); (C); Find A Geave Memorial; “National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volumes 4 and 43; State of NJ Attorney Generals; Encyclopaedia Britannica”. Pic: Encyclopedia Britannica; uS Department of State.]